Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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Djoss' Repository


Backup files and folders to cloud storage of your choice: Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, HP Cloud, Rackspace Cloud Files, OpenStack, DreamObjects and other. The GUI of the application is accessed through a modern web…

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[b]CloudCommander[/b] is a simple web file browser with a built in text editor and archive compress/extract abilities.[br/] [br/] [b]Instructions:[/b][br/] Set Port to the port you want to be able to access from. Defaults to 8765[br/] Set…

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CloudFlare is a free DNS host that can act as a reverse proxy for websites. Its network protects, speeds up, and improves availability for a website or mobile application with a change in DNS.[br][br] [b][u][span style='color:…

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Contains the command-line client for Argo Tunnel, a tunneling daemon that proxies any local webserver through the Cloudflare network. Extensive documentation can be found in the Argo Tunnel section of the Cloudflare Docs. Instructions for…

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Collabora/Code Online Development Edition - an awesome, Online Office suite image suitable for home use. You can use Collabora/Code for your Nextcloud an edit your Office Documents Online!

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This Docker will download and install SteamCMD. It will also install Colony Survival and run it. CONSOLE: To connect to the console open up a terminal and type in: 'docker exec -u terraria -ti NAMEOFYOURCONTAINER screen -xS…

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Command Line implements Shell In A Box. A web server that can export arbitrary command line tools to a web based terminal emulator. A Command Line tool is created under the Tools menu. Backup and restore user home directory on system…

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Unofficial image of Bitfocus companion, update new tags once a month. Bitfocus Companion enables the reasonably priced Elgato Streamdeck to be a professional shotbox surface for an increasing amount of different presentation switchers,…

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Media Applications

Compressarr is an application to take a filtered set of media from Radarr or (eventually) Sonarr and process it with customisable FFmpeg presets. It will even attempt to find the best settings for each video. The default version is the…

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This Docker will download and install SteamCMD. It will also install Conan Exiles and run it. Servername: 'Docker ConanExiles' Password: 'Docker' rconPassword: 'adminDocker' ATTENTION: First Startup can take very long since it downloads…

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CA Config Editor is a simple file editor for advanced users that will allow you to edit within your browser any of unRaid's configuration files (or any file on your server - useful for easily editing application's appdata config files…

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Keep your Unraid configuration files synced with /boot/config/ volume is by default mounted as read-only to avoid data loss. PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION!!

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Network Services, Proxy, Productivity

Puts Docker Containers to sleep and wakes them back up when they're needed. Written in Node.js, this application acts as a HTTP reverse proxy and stops Docker containers which haven't been accessed recently and starts them again when a…