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Unraid Fans

“The biggest problem with Unraid is that I didn't discover it years before I started using it.”

“I’m amazed by how much Unraid has allowed me to do with this machine, and a year in I still haven’t scratched the surface of what it can do. I’m convinced I’ll be able to, with a few select upgrades along the way, keep this machine going for another 10 years like my last machine.”

“My wife is annoyed how much I love my Unraid server, but it just works.”

“I have been using my Unraid as NAS for my personal pictures, videos, and music. The Unraid was mostly a utilitarian device was not paid much attention by my friends or family. Once I saw the newest version 6 of Unraid my mind was blown away by the versatility and the many FREE options available. I say go for it, you will not regret it!!!”

“Thanks for this great piece of software. I works great and I have it running for about a month now without any glitches and it seems quite a bit faster than WHS.”

“I have to say, honestly, this is such great software. It introduced me to learning about so many different aspects of computing. From consolidating several computers into one, to having a better storage option than a synology nas I ditched over 2 years ago, and even networking. It's made my work production and workflow 10x easier, my home media experience 10x better, and it seems like every week I learn something new that I can do with it.”

“Sweet mother mary. This OS is freakin' awesome! UI responsive, everything does what it's supposed to do INSTANTLY. It automatically created a bond for my NIC's. I am, I think, in actual love. Somehow it's also giving me better and more viable information on the state of my drives than both Xpenology and FreeNAS offered. I'm pretty much sold already... I must admit, I am really impressed with this community. I saw positive mention on reddit and other places, but this is far beyond what I expected.”


  • Purchase Unraid Licenses and upgrades from the Unraid OS webgui top right drop-down.

    You can also purchase an Unraid license activation code from the Buy Now buttons above and activate your license later.

    The pricing listed is per server. All sales are final. Please utilize our free 30-day trial before purchasing!

  • Trial licenses last 30 days and provide the full functionality of an Unraid Pro license with no attached storage device limit.

    To begin, you must have a quality USB drive ready and download our USB creator tool. Then, follow our Getting Started Guide to be up and running in minutes. Trial licenses require an internet connection upon server boot to validate.

  • License upgrades are purchased from within the Unraid WebGUI via the top right drop-down.

    Pricing is as follows:

    • Basic license to Plus = $39 USD
    • Basic license to Pro = $79 USD
    • Plus license to Pro = $49 USD
  • Attached storage devices refer to the total number of storage devices you are allowed to have connected to the server before starting the array, not counting the USB Flash boot device.

    There are no other limitations in the software based on the license type. Non-storage devices such as GPUs do not count against the license tier limits.

  • Unraid OS boots from a USB flash-based storage device.

    Other boot devices, such as SD card readers, HDDs, or SSDs, are not currently supported.

  • No! All license tiers are eligible to run new releases of Unraid OS at no additional cost.

  • You can manually transfer your license to a new USB Flash device at any time up to once per year.

    After that, contact support.

  • No. After an Unraid license is purchased, no internet connection is required unless you are updating the OS or downloading apps, containers or plugins.

  • Please select ‘Partnerships’ for special orders using the contact form here and we'll be in touch.

  • See our FAQ section for more common questions.

    Have other questions? Contact us