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Take It From Our Fans

“My wife is annoyed how much I love my Unraid server, but it just works.”

“Flexibility. Want VMs? Have them. Want to pass through hardware? Take that too. How about Docker Containers? Use our easy install process. Don't like that? You can do it yourself if you want. Cache drive? Plug one in. No cache drive? That's okay too. Want some more space? Plugin some more drives. To me, Unraid is like a sandbox. I can run it on basically any hardware I want, and tailor it to my needs and desires without much effort. There was a time when I loved tinkering, but Unraid makes it so I don't have to anymore. If I feel like tinkering again I still can, but it's nice to know I don't have to.”

Nomar1245 Nomar1245

“The biggest problem with Unraid is that I didn't discover it years before I started using it.”

“This is one of the best communities I've come across in a great many years. Your humor and perseverance make this whole endeavor worthwhile. So again, I thank you all for your input, hard work, and help. Without you all, I'd still be a wasteful multiple PC plebe. You all rock!”

“I have to say, honestly, this is such great software. It introduced me to learning about so many different aspects of computing. From consolidating several computers into one, to having a better storage option than a synology nas I ditched over 2 years ago, and even networking. It's made my work production and workflow 10x easier, my home media experience 10x better, and it seems like every week I learn something new that I can do with it.”

“Sweet mother mary. This OS is freakin' awesome! UI responsive, everything does what it's supposed to do INSTANTLY. It automatically created a bond for my NIC's. I am, I think, in actual love. Somehow it's also giving me better and more viable information on the state of my drives than both Xpenology and FreeNAS offered. I'm pretty much sold already... I must admit, I am really impressed with this community. I saw positive mention on reddit and other places, but this is far beyond what I expected.”