This release fixes bugs and includes a security update.

This is a bug fix release that resolves a nice collection of problems reported by the community. 

This release has two very important fixes around security and data integrity, along with other improvements and bug fixes.

With this latest update, we have made significant improvements to make the Update OS process more user-friendly and efficient. Read more about it here.

Unraid OS Version 6.12.6 is now available. This release reverts the ZFS bug mitigation from 6.12.5 and replaces it with the actual fix released by the OpenZFS team less than 18 hours ago. There are also some IPv6 fixes.

This release includes bug fixes and security updates. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Unraid 6.12.4 is now available and has a fix for macvlan call traces, introduces a new System Drivers page, has new security updates and other bug fixes.

Unraid 6.12.3 is available and has a set of bug fixes for networking and Docker.