This guide is to set up a Project Zomboid dedicated server within Unraid 6.9+. You will learn how to get it configured and running for you and your friends to enjoy in no time. You’ve been bitten!

Thinking about getting your own Unraid server? Not sure if you should buy it or build it? Not sure on AMD vs. Intel? Well, then this episode for you!

Use extra system resources to host dedicated game servers for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Host your own Valheim Dedicated Server on Unraid!

Want to utilize your server to capture, encode and stream to sites like Twitch or Youtube? This is an updated 2021 guide for setting up an OBS NDI container in Unraid 6.9.

NVIDIA officially adds support for passing through GeForce GPUs to Windows VMs for gaming.

Turn your Unraid server into a multi-streaming server for sites like Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, etc!