21 April 2021

Unraid Valheim Dedicated Server

Host your own Valheim Dedicated Server on Unraid!

Valheim 1

This guest blog is by Stefano Partida of SPXLabs.

This is a guide to set up a Valheim dedicated server within Unraid 6.9+. It is thankfully pretty simple to do so let’s jump right in. Skol!

Server Requirements

The server requirements are quite low and because we are running this Valheim server as a container, we will not be limiting the resources available to it.

My Server Specs

CPU: Intel Xeon 1230 v5 4 cores 8 threads @ 3.40Ghz

RAM: 32GB DDR4 ECC 2133Mhz


This guide assumes you have already installed the Community Apps plugin for Unraid and know how to port forward on your router.

  1. Download and Install ich777’s Valheim container.
  2. Edit the server container and make the following changes:
    1. Network Type: br0
    2. Fixed IP Address:
    3. Validate Installation: true
    4. Server Name: SPX Labs Valheim Server (Customize yours)
    5. World Name: Valhallen
    6. Server Password: unraidRules* (Customize yours. Must be a minimum of 5 characters)
  3. Done, wait several minutes for the server to become available.
  4. On your game client, join the server by IP

Here's a visual:

Valheim Setup

How to Play with Friends

The simplest way is to give them your WAN IP Address. If you search “What is my IP?”, google will provide you with your IP address. In my case, google says my WAN IP address is

Your friends will then join the server by IP

Don’t forget to port forward 2456 so your friends can play.

Below is an example of the ports 2456-2458 being forwarded to my physical Valheim Server locally.

Screen Shot2021 03 21at4 55 10 PM

How to Set Up a Domain Name Instead of IP Address

This is a bit more complex but I’ll show you how I have it set up while using Google Domains. I already own the domain name “spxlabs.com”. So setting it up is pretty simple for me. You can buy a domain for $12 a year from Google if you want. There are cheaper alternatives and the setup should be pretty similar.

Step 1:

We need to set up Google Domains to forward the DNS name to my WAN IP address. I want my friends to be able to type in the name below to play on my server:


In Google DNS I will need to edit the following items:

Screen Shot2021 03 21at4 41 57 PM

Step 2:

Now we can confirm on the same page that Google is now forwarding valheim.spxlabs.com to my WAN IP address. Note: It can take up to 48 hours for this to work but usually it works within about an hour.

Screen Shot2021 03 21at4 42 11 PM

Testing, Testing

Grab your Stagbreaker and let’s see if this all works meow.

Val Connect
Valheim 2

Great Odin's Raven! We are ready to prove ourselves fit for the halls of Valhalla!

Are you running a Valheim Unraid server?

Want to set up a co-op with fellow Unraiders? Need help troubleshooting?