Hardcore Gamers

Unraid lets you maximize your system to be a victory lap worthy gaming computer and a fully functional home server at the same time.

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You want it all: A sick gaming computer worth bragging about, a home PC that lets you run any software you want and a media system that lets you kick back after a hard-fought victory.

Unraid OS can deliver it all—a victory-lap-worthy gaming computer and a fully functional home server at the same time.

Take Your Gaming to Another Level with Unraid

2 Systems into 1

Combine your gaming and NAS server into a single machine to save money. Create the ultimate computing monster!

LAN Party in a Box

Hook up multiple graphics cards, keyboards, mice, and monitors to create a LAN party in-a-box.

Run Whatever You Want

Run multiple OSs on a single machine to support games from different generations or from different platforms.

Maximum Performance

Build the ultimate LAN party rig with multiple concurrent players on one system.

Get Inspired

Unraid Windows 11 VM Set up for Gaming and Workstation

Follow along on and be up and running in minutes.

Dual 4090 With One 13900K Unraid tutorial

Dual PC Set Up Using One CPU. We put the 13900K to the max testing on Unraid

Unraid build - Part 3 - Virtual Machine gaming

Multiple VM Gaming Setup guide for Unraid

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With affordable options starting at just $49, we have a license for everyone.

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Try before you buy

Not sure if Unraid is right for you? Take Unraid for a test drive for 30 days—no credit card required.