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airdcpp's Icon

AirDC++ Web Client is a locally installed application, which is designed for frequent sharing of files or directories within groups of people in a local network or over internet. The daemon application can be installed on different types of systems, such as on file servers and NAS devices. Username / password for the default admin account is: admin / password

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A file list program that supports multiple storage, and supports web browsing and webdav, powered by gin and React. English documents are translated using Google.You can click the Edit this page button below to help improve the translation Important: Initial password in the log.

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Cloud, Productivity, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

DESCRIPTION HTML GUI for yt-dlp ver. NOTES • Example Config File: • If your web browser doesn't download the video automatically, copy the URL generated by AllTube Download container, and paste it into your decided file/video downloader. Another way, is just click outside the video playback window (web browser) and select the appropiate option to download the file to your device, locally.

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Very simple WebDAV server based on Apache. You need a WebDAV client to transfer files. It does not include a WebUI to upload files through your browser. Specifying USERNAME and PASSWORD only supports a single user. If you want to have lots of different logins for various users, bind mount user.passwd as follows: Open the Unraid WebTerminal >_ and execute the following: mkdir /mnt/user/appdata/apachewebdav touch /mnt/user/appdata/apachewebdav/user.passwd Add a new Path to this container with the following values: Container Path: /user.passwd Host Path: /mnt/user/appdata/apachewebdav/user.passwd After starting the container, open its console and execute the following for "Basic" authentification by changing "John" to your username (it asks for your password after executing): htpasswd -B /user.passwd John or this if you choosed "Digest" authentification: htdigest user.passwd WebDAV-Login John Execute the command multiple times with different usernames to add more users.

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Backup, Cloud, Downloaders

The Archive Team Warrior is a virtual archiving appliance. You can run it to help with the Archive Team archiving efforts. It will download sites and upload them to our archive—and it’s really easy to do! Maintained by: JakeShirley

Backblaze_Personal_Backup's Icon

This Docker container runs the Backblaze personal backup client via WINE, so that you can back up your files with the separation and portability capabilities of Docker on Linux. It runs the Backblaze client and starts a virtual X server and a VNC server with Web GUI, so that you can interact with it. This container needs additional installation steps after running the docker, which can be found here:

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Cloud, Productivity, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

Code-server is a Visual Studio Code instance running on a remote server accessible through any web browser. It allows you to code anywhere and on any device such as a tablet or laptop with a consistent integrated development environment (IDE). Set up a secure a Linux development machine and get coding on any device with a web browser. Take advantage of a cloud server by offloading the system demanding tasks such as tests, compilations, downloads to another machine. Preserve battery life when you’re on the go or spend your downtime doing something else while the computationally intensive processes are running on your cloud server.

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Rclone is a command line program to manage files on cloud storage. It is a feature rich alternative to cloud vendors' web storage interfaces. Over 40 cloud storage products support rclone including S3 object stores, business and consumer file storage services, as well as standard transfer protocols. Rclone has powerful cloud equivalents to the unix commands rsync, cp, mv, mount, ls, ncdu, tree, rm, and cat. Rclone's familiar syntax includes shell pipeline support, and --dry-run protection. It is used at the command line, in scripts or via its API. Users call rclone The Swiss army knife of cloud storage, and Technology indistinguishable from magic.


laur's Repository

Backup, Cloud

Service for backing up mysql dumps to local and/or remote borg repos. Other files&dirs may be included in the backup, and database dumps can be excluded altogether. Please refer to project page @ for further documentation.

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Calibre-web( is a web app providing a clean interface for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks using an existing Calibre database. It is also possible to integrate google drive and edit metadata and your calibre library through the app itself. This software is a fork of library and licensed under the GPL v3 License.

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Cloud Database Manager (Official Docker Image) As an open-source product it already supports the most popular open source databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and Firebird.

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CloudDrive is a powerful multi-cloud drive management tool, providing users with a one-stop multi-cloud drive solution that includes local mounting of cloud drives Unraid&CloudDrive使用答疑团购请添加WeChat: anpple

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Cloud, Network ServicesWeb

Self-hosted file management and sharing system, supports multiple storage providers ==========IMPORTANT========== The default user and pass in the console log.

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Code-server( is VS Code running on a remote server, accessible through the browser. - Code on your Chromebook, tablet, and laptop with a consistent dev environment. - If you have a Windows or Mac workstation, more easily develop for Linux. - Take advantage of large cloud servers to speed up tests, compilations, downloads, and more. - Preserve battery life when you're on the go. - All intensive computation runs on your server. - You're no longer running excess instances of Chrome.

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chvb's Repository


Updated to not use domain enviroment variable Collabora/Code Online Development Edition - an awesome, Online Office suite image suitable for home use. You can use Collabora/Code for your Nextcloud an edit your Office Documents Online!

Config2Mega's Icon

Keep your Unraid configuration files synced with /boot/config/ volume is by default mounted as read-only to avoid data loss. PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION!!

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Backup, Cloud, Network ServicesWeb

Share your files securely with FTP, Implicit FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS using CrushFTP 10. Built on Alpine 3.12. Size 234.8 MB. See dockerhub registry page for more details.

cryptgeon_redis's Icon

cryptgeon is a secure, open source sharing note or file service inspired by PrivNote. each note has a generated id (256bit) and key 256(bit). The id is used to save & retrieve the note. the note is then encrypted with aes in gcm mode on the client side with the key and then sent to the server. data is stored in memory and never persisted to disk. the server never sees the encryption key and cannot decrypt the contents of the notes even if it tried to. This container was built using SmartPhoneLover's cryptgeon but runs using Redis instead of memcache. Also has extra variables that can be configured. This requires Redis to be already running. I obtained SSL certificate through NGINX proxy manager and let's encrypt.

CubeBackup-GoogleWorkspace's Icon


Backup, Cloud

Self-hosted backup for Google Workspace. Protect Gmail, Google Drive, Shared drives, Contacts, and Calendar data with Cube Backup. NOTE: You must set permissions on the appdata folders and create your own config.toml file in the cfg directory as well.

CubeBackup-Microsoft365's Icon


Backup, Cloud

Self-hosted backup for Microsoft 365. Protect OneDrive, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online data with Cube Backup. NOTE: You must set permissions on the appdata folders and create your own config.toml file in the cfg directory as well.

DockerRegistry's Icon

Docker Registry is used to store and distribute Docker images using HTTP API. This allows you host your own private Registry and store your images. Uses official Docker Registry image @ Configuration /mnt/user/appdata/registry This is where Registry will store it's data. Port 5000 Default connection port

Dropbox's Icon

What is Dropbox? "One place for all your stuff, wherever you are." Dropbox is a home for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website... so you can access your stuff from anywhere. Dropbox also makes it super easy to share with others, whether you're a student or professional, parent or grandparent. Even if you accidentally spill a latte on your laptop, have no fear! Relax knowing that your stuff is safe in Dropbox and will never be lost. Container Mountpoints: /dropbox : Dropbox home folder. The dropbox app needs to be able to change the folders out to upgrade itself. /dropbox/Dropbox : Dropbox user files. This is your sync'd data folder. It can be share or just a plain folder under appdata. Do not use a cache + array folder as the Mover will break your files Network Ports: 17500 : Dropbox LAN sync 17500/udp : Dropbox LAN sync Environment Variables: DROPBOX_USER: Dropbox user (default: nobody) DROPBOX_USERID: Dropbox user id (default: 99) DROPBOX_GROUP: Dropbox user group (default: users) DROPBOX_GROUPID: Dropbox user group id (default: 100)

droppy's Icon



droppy is a self-hosted file storage server with a web interface and capabilities to edit files and view media directly in the browser. It is particularly well-suited to be run on low-end hardware like the Raspberry Pi. **Development on droppy has ceased, However it is a solid simple solution for file sharing and management.**

Duplicacy's Icon

Web GUI for Duplicacy. Duplicacy backs up your files to many cloud storages with client-side encryption and the highest level of deduplication Note: - It's imporatant to pass hostname (Advanced View > Extra Parameters > --hostname=), as duplicacy license is requested based on hostname and machine-id provided by dbus. - Machine-id will be persisted in the /config directory. - Default hostname set to 'duplicacy-unraid'. - If you want to backup the unRAID FLASH drive then you will have to run Duplicacy as root i.e. USR_ID=0 and GRP_ID=0 - /config -- is where configuration data will be stored. Should be backed up. - /logs -- logs will go there. - /cache -- transient and temporary files will be stored here. Can be safely deleted. - Readme: