Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

Aerilym's Repository's Icon

Aerilym's Repository

Creating Docker containers to solve my problems and hopefully other people's problems too.

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Ahmad's Repository

Developer applications, tools and utilities for Unraid

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Balya's Repository

I'm trying to support the community and create configurations for those applications that are not yet in the catalog.

ccmpbll's Repository's Icon

ccmpbll's Repository

Not a developer. Always be learning and building new things.

ChongZhiJie's Repository's Icon

ChongZhiJie's Repository

A novice programmer

chrizzo's Repository's Icon

chrizzo's Repository

One of many who would like to contribute to the Unraid community as well.

CollinHeist's Repository's Icon

CollinHeist's Repository

Creator of the TitleCardMaker

diamkil's Repository's Icon

diamkil's Repository

I create custom templates for docker hub images that are not on Unraid by bigger sources like binhex or linuxserver

Diamond Precision Computing's Repository's Icon

Diamond Precision Computing's Repository

Just a guy with a computer writing code and helping others.

digiblur's Repository's Icon

digiblur's Repository

Just some Random dude making docker container templates to save you a bunch of clicks and research.

djismgaming's Repository's Icon

djismgaming's Repository

Helping other developers get their great applications published as an Unraid template. :D

Djoss' Repository's Icon

Djoss' Repository

Creator of many Docker containers for great applications. All containers are developed with simplicity and easy of use in mind. Being based on Alpine Linux, they are lightweight and contain only what is required to run the dockerized…

dlandon's Repository's Icon

dlandon's Repository

Developer of the Unassigned Devices (UD) plugin for mounting disks and remote NFS/SMB shares for local access. Disk devices can be hot plugged and scripts automatically run for backup purposes. Encrypted disks are supported. Creator of…

dorgan's Repository's Icon

dorgan's Repository

Creator/Maintainer of Network Stats plugin as well as Plex Streams plugin

dsmith44's Repository's Icon

dsmith44's Repository

I'm Dean and I occasionally fiddle with things like this.

ep1cman's Repository's Icon

ep1cman's Repository

Blue haired, maker, hacker and engineer.

Fantucie's Repository's Icon

Fantucie's Repository

Hello, I am Fantucie, also know has ItJustFox ! I am a french developper using Java JScript and Json, making mods/3DModels for Minecraft principally. Mostly fan of Sinon from GGO, I can be a bit shy, but i promise that one day, we will…

FatzCat's Repository's Icon

FatzCat's Repository

Docker container creator, full-time engineer and openminded geek. That's all ...

Figro's Repository's Icon

Figro's Repository

Junior Developer that likes to mess around with dockers in his spare time

fithwum's Repository's Icon

fithwum's Repository

I have made a few dockers now. Might make others as i think of them/learn how.

FlippinTurt's Repository's Icon

FlippinTurt's Repository

Just here to help the community out and make fun things ;)

Froodle's Repository's Icon

Froodle's Repository

Hopefully working on more CICD related things in future, maybe also plex related things. Feel free to PM me for help.

Glassed Silver's Repository's Icon

Glassed Silver's Repository

Unraid Community Applications I created because I didn't find them. I create these for personal use and share them for anyone else to enjoy. I provide support for them over at the Unraid Forums, where each CA gets its own…

Goobaroo's Repository's Icon

Goobaroo's Repository

I like to publish things I create for myself. Right now creating modded minecrafte server containers. Let me know if you have any requests.

gucky79's Repository's Icon

gucky79's Repository

Don't PANIC! And carry a towel. Searching Milk and Kahlua for the Dude. Earl grey, hot! And the rest of my time i'm a Developer and Maker with passion ;-)

GuildDart's Repository's Icon

GuildDart's Repository

Having fun playing with my Unraid server ^_^

guy.davis' Repository's Icon

guy.davis' Repository

Unraid enthusiast and Chia (+forks) farmer.

hotio's Repository's Icon

hotio's Repository

I maintain a few docker images (Ubuntu or Alpine based) and try to deliver incredibly fast updates, all automated and tested before pushing them into the world.

hussainalhaddad's Repository's Icon

hussainalhaddad's Repository

Linux/Windows server administrator. Programmer. RPA

IBRACORP's Repository's Icon

IBRACORP's Repository

We are IBRACORP. We create Docker templates, Guides and YouTube videos to get your homelab set up across a range of needs, from basic all the way to enterprise level. Join our Discord!