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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

A75G's Repository's Icon

A75G's Repository

Random guy making templates.

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agusalex' Repository

Creating Unraid Apps for fun

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alturismo's Repository

some small dockers related to Multimedia preferences.

Andrew207's Repository

Containers focused on security. Where possible based on Alpine.

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Axelander's Repository

Free time developer of apps mostly based on C# and on personal needs.

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b3rs3rk's Repository

Author of the GPUStat plugin, and not much else. Learned to code using PHP, so my work should be suspect at best.

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bashNinja's Repository

Creating Docker containers for myself and sharing with the world. I base most of my images on the system.

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Binhex's Repository

Producing Docker Images with Arch Linux base OS, the main philosophy here is to produce Docker Images that are up to date with the latest stable release (no beta's where possible) to minimize any coding related issues.

Bjonness406's Repository

Making some docker templates

BoKKeR's Repository's Icon

BoKKeR's Repository

Full time developer publishing mostly my own creations.

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cmccambridge's Repository

Hello! I maintain a few containers that support my home automation projects. Hopefully they're valuable to you as well! Please let me know through their support threads and GitHub Issues if you encounter any problems. This is a side…

CorneliousJD's Repository's Icon

CorneliousJD's Repository

I am mostly taking other developers containers and building unRAID templates for them. I prefer to do this with official containers sraight from the devs when possible!

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diamkil's Repository

I create custom templates for docker hub images that are not on unRaid by bigger sources like binhex or linuxserver

Djoss' Repository's Icon

Djoss' Repository

Creator of many Docker containers for great applications. All containers are developed with simplicity and easy of use in mind. Being based on Alpine Linux, they are lightweight and contain only what is required to run the dockerized…

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dlandon's Repository

Developer of the Unassigned Devices (UD) plugin for mounting disks and remote NFS/SMB shares for local access. Disk devices can be hot plugged and scripts automatically run for backup purposes. Encrypted disks are supported. Creator of…

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dorgan's Repository

Creator/Maintainer of Network Stats plugin as well as Plex Streams plugin

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dsmith44's Repository

I'm Dean and I occasionally fiddle with things like this.

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fithwum's Repository

Made a few dockers. Might make more as i tink of ideas.

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hotio's Repository

This is my profile. What follows next is profile page material and filler text. So let us begin... Once upon a time there was a little boy who made docker images with his bare hands, blood, sweat and tears. People can use these images to…

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ich777's Repository

Creating Containers and Plugins with the intention to make them as easy as possible to install and use.

Jidovu Marius Adrian's Repository's Icon

Jidovu Marius Adrian's Repository

I love Unraid and creating Docker containers is one of my hobbies.

knex666's Repository's Icon

knex666's Repository

Building Unraid-Dockers for my environment and my projects to share them with you. Most about Smart Home or automation and some more fancy stuff

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kubed_zero's Repository

A curious Unraid plugin maintainer. Avoids unnecessary plugins.

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ljm42's Repository

These are my personal contributions to the community, not offical offerings by Lime Technologies

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mgutt's Repository

German Developer

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ndetar's Repository

I am not really a developer, I just made someone elses docker container available to others in the Unraid Community, I hope it helps!

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Official Unraid Repository

Lime Technology Inc is the maker of Unraid OS. Unraid is an OS for personal and small business use that brings enterprise-class features letting you configure your computer systems to maximize performance and capacity using any combination…

Organizr Repository's Icon

Organizr Repository

Creating official Docker images for the Organizr application.

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Paul_Ber's Repository

Trying my best to adapt Binhex's DelugeVPN and add Flexget to it

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randomninjaatk's Repository

Integrating scripts to enhance existing docker containers functionality.