Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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AC-WatchState's Repository

Docker Images Maintainer.

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acharles21's Repository

My goal is to take any difficult tech related problem, and make it so easy that anyone can do it!

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Aerilym's Repository

Creating Docker containers to solve my problems and hopefully other people's problems too.

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Ahmad's Repository

Developer applications, tools and utilities for Unraid

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alex3305's Repository

Docker expert creating easy-to-use container stacks.

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AlexRed's Repository

Curating, creating, and contemplating awesome, productive projects.

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Balya's Repository

I'm trying to support the community and create configurations for those applications that are not yet in the catalog.

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beastieg's Repository

Docker applications for Unraid. Includes cryptomator-webdav

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brockbreacher's Repository

Just a dummy with internet access.

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ccmpbll's Repository

Not a developer. Learning stuff and making things.

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ChongZhiJie's Repository

A novice programmer

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chrizzo's Repository

One of many who would like to contribute to the Unraid community as well.

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CollinHeist's Repository

Creator of the TitleCardMaker

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Core-i99's Repository

Creating and maintaining templates for Unraid Docker containers.

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coreylane's Repository

Cloud and DevOps guy contributing useful tools to the CA portfolio with a focus on high-quality images, efficiency, and open-source projects.

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Criblio's Repository

Cribl official account for maintaining Unraid docker templates.

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d3vyce's Repository


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darknavi's Repository

Casual Unraid user.

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DeadFeet's Repository

Containerizing various applications onto the Unraid platform

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diamkil's Repository

I create custom templates for docker hub images that are not on Unraid by bigger sources like binhex or linuxserver

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Diamond Precision Computing's Repository

Just a guy with a computer writing code and helping others.

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digiblur's Repository

Just some Random dude making docker container templates to save you a bunch of clicks and research.

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disbedan015's Repository

Created Docker image as I didn't see an updated one for an app and I may start doing that for other apps I use

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djismgaming's Repository

Helping other developers get their great applications published as an Unraid template. :D

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Djoss' Repository

Creator of many Docker containers for great applications. All containers are developed with simplicity and easy of use in mind. Being based on Alpine Linux, they are lightweight and contain only what is required to run the dockerized…

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dlandon's Repository

Developer of the Unassigned Devices (UD) plugin for mounting disks and remote NFS/SMB shares for local access. Disk devices can be hot plugged and scripts automatically run for backup purposes. Encrypted disks are supported. Creator of…

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Donimax's Repository

I am too lazy to find a profile description.

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dorgan's Repository

Creator/Maintainer of Network Stats plugin as well as Plex Streams plugin

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dsmith44's Repository

I'm Dean and I occasionally fiddle with things like this.

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EDACerton's Repository

Building solutions for problems I encounter.