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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

GuildDart's Repository's Icon

GuildDart's Repository

Having fun playing with my Unraid server ^_^

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guy.davis' Repository

Unraid enthusiast and Chia farmer.

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hotio's Repository

I maintain a few docker images (Ubuntu or Alpine based) and try to deliver incredibly fast updates, all automated and tested before pushing them into the world.

hussainalhaddad's Repository's Icon

hussainalhaddad's Repository

Linux/Windows server administrator. Programmer. RPA

ich777's Repository's Icon

ich777's Repository

Creating Containers and Plugins with the intention to make them as easy as possible to install and use.

Jidovu Marius Adrian's Repository's Icon

Jidovu Marius Adrian's Repository

I love Unraid and creating Docker containers is one of my hobbies.

jmztaylor's Repository's Icon

jmztaylor's Repository

Just kinda doing my own thing creating things for my use cases and sharing my work

JohnnyP's Repository's Icon

JohnnyP's Repository

Creating some docker containers that I use myself and want to share with others.

JTok's Repository's Icon

JTok's Repository

Developer of the Unraid.Vmbackup plugin which uses the Unraid-Vmbackup script behind the scenes.

KakersUK's Repository's Icon

KakersUK's Repository

Hey there, I'm new to both unRAID and Docker... what could possibly go wrong?

Kippenhof's Repository's Icon

Kippenhof's Repository

Providing Small/Unknown Docker Images to the CA Application to make them more accessible. If you have an Problem with one of my Templates, you can write me on Discord: Johannes Walther#0001

Kizaing's Repository's Icon

Kizaing's Repository

Helping developers dockerize their applications and make them easy to install for everyone everywhere

knex666's Repository's Icon

knex666's Repository

Building Unraid-Dockers for my environment and my projects to share them with you. Most about Smart Home or automation and some more fancy stuff

kubed_zero's Repository's Icon

kubed_zero's Repository

A curious Unraid plugin maintainer. Avoids unnecessary plugins.

kutzilla's Repository's Icon

kutzilla's Repository

Creating unRAID templates for my personal system. Maybe some of those templates are helpful for your purpose.

LarsW's Repository's Icon

LarsW's Repository

Creating Docker containers, but still a beginner

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linuxserver's Repository

We are a group of like minded enthusiasts from across the world who build and maintain the largest collection of Docker images on the web, and at our core are the principles behind Free and Open Source Software. Our primary goal is to…

ljm42's Repository's Icon

ljm42's Repository

These are my personal contributions to the community, not offical offerings by Lime Technologies

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llalon's Repository

Misc docker containers useful for bioinformatics and data science

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lnxd's Repository

Unraid Fan. Timezone is GMT+11.

LuBeDa's Repository's Icon

LuBeDa's Repository

I like home assistant and unraid.

mgutt's Repository's Icon

mgutt's Repository

German Developer

ndetar's Repository's Icon

ndetar's Repository

I am not really a developer, I just made someone elses docker container available to others in the Unraid Community, I hope it helps!

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Official Unraid Repository

Lime Technology Inc is the maker of Unraid OS. Unraid is an OS for personal and small business use that brings enterprise-class features letting you configure your computer systems to maximize performance and capacity using any combination…

olehj's Repository's Icon

olehj's Repository

Creator of Disk Location plugin and nsfminerOC docker for Unraid.

Organizr Repository's Icon

Organizr Repository

Creating official Docker images for the Organizr application.

Paul_Ber's Repository's Icon

Paul_Ber's Repository

Trying my best to adapt Binhex's DelugeVPN and add Flexget to it

PTRFRLL's Repository's Icon

PTRFRLL's Repository

Giving back to the Unraid community, one application at a time.

randomninjaatk's Repository's Icon

randomninjaatk's Repository

Integrating scripts to enhance existing docker containers functionality.

raz's Repository's Icon

raz's Repository

Random Docker containers template for applications I like.