Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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rix's Repository

I love automation. What is not there, I create myself.

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Roland's Repository

I am not attempting to create containers, but I have built a few templates to make life a little easier. If you are looking for details on the containers, please check out the individual DockerHub pages. There is usually also a support…

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runraid's Repository

Adding missing containers as I find and need them.

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sdub's Repository

My template respository to fill gaps I find in the CA store

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Selfhosters Unraid Discord Repository

A bunch of happy folks adding what the community want, to give them choice, for free. Request stuff on our github

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sgraaf's Repository

I create templates for any Docker containers that I use that are not yet listed on CA.

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snoopy86's Repository

Creating docker containers for community.

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Squid's Repository

Unraid fan and the author and maintainer of various plugins for Unraid including Community Applications and Fix Common Problems, along with being a major contributor to the forums at large. I am of the belief that plugins carry an…

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StevenD's Repository

openVMTools_compiled Repository

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Sycotix' Repository

We are IBRACORP. We create Docker templates and YouTube videos to get your homelab set up across a range of needs, from basic all the way to enterprise level. Join our Discord!

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Taddeusz' Repository

I create Docker containers that are of interest to me that I hope others find also find useful.

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tmchow's Repository

Creating Docker containers for fun.

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TQ's Repository

Just a guy who loves containers and unRAID!

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Veriwind's Repository

Helping make it easy to run Minecraft on Unraid :)

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vinid223's Repository

Creating Docker containers for my needs and sharing them with the community.

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vrx's Repository

Creating Docker containers for fun. Most often for my own needs, which are not met by other available in CA.

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Waseh's Repository

Maintaining a plugin which installs rclone on your unraid machine.

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Womabre's Repository

Creator and maintainer of the iCloudPD Docker template.

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xthursdayx's Repository

I maintain a number of Docker images based on Debian, Ubuntu and Alpine Linux, with the goal of producing simple, stable and user-friendly containers. I also create templates for unRAID users.

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zgo's Repository

All about decentralization.

activ's Repository

aeleos' Repository

Aggie1999's Repository

Alex B's Repository

aptalca's Repository

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Bender's Repository

BigManDave's Repository

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