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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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Actual is a super fast privacy-focused app for managing your finances. You own your data and it will sync it across all devices with optional end-to-end encryption.. The Software was created by The Actual Team. Client GitHub repo:…

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AMP (Application Management Panel)( - a simple to use and easy to install control panel and management system for hosting game servers.

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HADashboard and Python apps for Home Assistant. Note that you MUST manually edit your auto-generated appdaemon.yaml file to add a few required settings. See support threat here for an example:…

Application Categorizer

Squid's Repository

Other, Plugins

This plugin is for application developers ONLY. It will create the category entries for application templates so that Community Applications can display the apps correctly. (Either docker apps or plugins) …

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Check out the wiki for making config files for your steam account. ASF is a C# application with primary purpose of idling Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously. Unlike Idle…

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Autoscan replaces the default Plex and Emby behaviour for picking up file changes on the file system. Autoscan integrates with Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr to fetch changes in near real-time without relying on the file system.

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Big Ben Clock Discord-Bot is an self-hosted (useless) Discord bot that joins every hour in an pre selected voice channel and plays the Big Ben bells to inform you that you have entered a new hour. The bot was created by jamiesage123 and…

Unofficial Hyundai Blue Link API (bluelinky) This is a docker version of an API Wrapper for bluelinky. For information or issues, please raise them on the bluelinky repo.

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bWAPP, or a buggy web application, is a free and open source deliberately insecure web application. It helps security enthusiasts, developers and students to discover and to prevent web vulnerabilities. bWAPP prepares one to conduct…

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CadQuery is an intuitive, easy-to-use Python module for building parametric 3D CAD models. Using CadQuery, you can write short, simple scripts that produce high quality CAD models. It is easy to make many different objects using a single…

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Game Servers, Other

Crafty 4 is the next iteration of our Minecraft Server Wrapper / Controller / Launcher. [br]Boasting a clean new look, rebuilt from the ground up. [br] [br] Crafty 4 brings a whole host of new features such as Bedrock support. [br] With…

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cryptgeon is a secure, open source sharing note or file service inspired by PrivNote. each note has a generated id (256bit) and key 256(bit). The id is used to save & retrieve the note. the note is then encrypted with aes in gcm mode…

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DemonSaw-Client beta


Docker container to run a DemonSaw Client with web RDP access.

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Monitor your game servers on Discord and tracks the live data of your game servers. --After first start of the Container Config files are Created. You Must configure them as you need it otherwise it will not function.-- You need a…

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A discord bot that monitors your game server and tracks the live data of your game servers.

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Media ApplicationsMusic, Network ServicesWeb, Other

Simple soundboard for discord. You can trigger sounds by commands typed in the Discord chat, or you can choose the sound from the web UI. You will need to create a bot account that the bot will use to join and play sounds. The bot can only…

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Other, Productivity, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

Unraid template for the official Docker-in-Docker (aka DinD) image. Build docker images directly using your Unraid server as a node i.e. without needing to run a VM - just expose TCP port like you would for a network build node. This is…

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Doku is a simple, lightweight web-based application that allows you to monitor Docker disk usage in a user-friendly manner. The Doku displays the amount of disk space used by the Docker daemon, splits by images, containers, volumes, and…

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DVWA-Web beta


Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) is a PHP/MySQL web application that is damn vulnerable. Its main goal is to be an aid for security professionals to test their skills and tools in a legal environment, help web developers better…