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unraid-simple-monitoring-api's Icon


Network ServicesOther, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

A simple REST API to monitor basic metrics such as Disk utilization and Network traffic. Initially created for use with Configuration By default the application expects a configuration file in /mnt/user/appdata/unraid-simple-monitoring-api/conf.yml You can find an example file here ( More detailed info on the github repo Utilization Make a request to http://your-unraid-ip:24940

UptimeKuma's Icon

Self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot". Monitoring uptime for HTTP(s) / TCP / Ping. Fancy, Reactive, Fast UI/UX.Notifications via Webhook, Telegram, Discord, Gotify, Slack, Pushover, Email (SMTP) and more by Apprise. Fast 20 second inverval checks.

UrBackup's Icon

UrBackup is an easy to setup Open Source client/server backup system, that through a combination of image and file backups accomplishes both data safety and a fast restoration time. File and image backups are made while the system is running without interrupting current processes. UrBackup also continuously watches folders you want backed up in order to quickly find differences to previous backups. Because of that, incremental file backups are really fast. Your files can be restored through the web interface, via the client or the Windows Explorer while the backups of drive volumes can be restored with a bootable CD or USB-Stick (bare metal restore). A web interface makes setting up your own backup server really easy.

uvdesk's Icon

UVDesk - An Open Source Helpdesk. UVDesk is an open source helpdesk solution that can be self-hosted, allowing you to manage family and friends' IT problems with a helpdesk like you would in an IT career. If you are wanting to use UVDesk for business use, you should support the developers by contacting them on their website and looking at pricing options. Website: Original Project GitHub: Template GitHub:

valetudo-mapper's Icon

Valetudo-RE companion service for generating PNG maps. This is a simple companion service for valetudo which does all the heavy lifting. Since both CPU and Memory are limited on the robot, PNG generation for third-party components has been moved here. Make sure you have already created the needed config file! Follow this example

van_dam's Icon

van_dam beta

Other, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

VanDAM is a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), specifically designed for 3D print files. Create a library pointing at your files on disk, and it will scan for models and parts. It assumes that any folders containing STL or OBJ files are models, and the files within them are parts. You can then view the files easily through your browser!

Varken's Icon

Varken requires influxdb and grafana. Deploy those containers first. Dutch for PIG. PIG is an Acronym for Plex/InfluxDB/Grafana Varken is a standalone command-line utility to aggregate data from the Plex ecosystem into InfluxDB. Examples use Grafana for a frontend You must edit the varken.ini file in /mnt/user/appdata/varken.

Vault's Icon

Manage access to secrets and protect sensitive data with identity-based security. config.hcl: ui = "true" listener "tcp" { address = "" tls_disable = "true" } storage "file" { path = "/vault/file" } api_addr = "" disable_mlock = "true"

vaultwarden's Icon


Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

Vaultwarden (formerly bitwarden_rs) is a Bitwarden server API implementation written in Rust compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients, perfect for self-hosted deployment where running the official resource-heavy service might not be ideal. Basically full implementation of Bitwarden API is provided including: -Basic single user functionality -Organizations support -Attachments -Vault API support -Serving the static files for Vault interface #xD; -Website icons API -Authenticator and U2F support -YubiKey OTP For more configuration see the wiki

Vector's Icon

Vector is a high-performance, end-to-end (agent & aggregator) observability data pipeline that puts you in control of your observability data. Collect, transform, and route all your logs, metrics, and traces to any vendors you want today and any other vendors you may want tomorrow. Vector enables dramatic cost reduction, novel data enrichment, and data security where you need it, not where it is most convenient for your vendors. Additionally, it is open source and up to 10x faster than every alternative in the space.

venstar2mqtt's Icon

Simple container that allows MQTT to be used to view data and push settings to the Venstar Local API Thermostats. Local API needs to be enabled on the thermostat. No Web UI or appdata folder necessary.

Verdaccio's Icon

Verdaccio is a simple, zero-config-required local private NPM registry. No need for an entire database just to get started. Verdaccio comes out of the box with its own tiny database, and the ability to proxy other registries (eg., also introduces caching the downloaded modules along the way. For those who are looking to extend their storage capabilities, Verdaccio supports various community-made plugins to hook into services such as Amazon's S3, Google Cloud Storage or create your own plugin.

Vertex's Icon

Vertex 是一款集 监控, 刷流, 站点, 搜索, 追剧 于一身的 PT 管理软件 主要有以下功能: 监控 - 监控服务器以及下载器的各项指标信息 刷流 - 提供 RSS - 删种 全自动化流程 站点 - 站点管理, 数据增长记录, 数据可视化 搜索 - 提供全站种子聚合搜索, 可直接推送至下载器 追剧 - 提供全自动化追剧方案, 根据设定规则, 完成搜索种子, 下载种子, 根据 Plex 等媒体服务器的格式为种子文件软链接改名 请注意, 本工具专为 PT 用户打造, 无 PT 的用户也许用不上... 默认用户名为 admin, 初始密码在 vertex/data/password 文件内, 直接复制即可 帮助 Wiki: 开源地址:

victoria-metrics's Icon

VictoriaMetrics is a fast, cost-effective and scalable monitoring solution and time series database. TLDR: It is a faster, more lightweight replacement to InfluxDB/TimescaleDB/etc (up to 20x faster data digestion, up to 7-10x less ram usage). Can be used in place of InfluxDB in many apps such as HomeAssistant. Includes a great web UI for query exploration. Git repository: Dockerhub: Website: VictoriaMetrics prominent features: - Long-term storage for Prometheus. - Drop-in replacement for Prometheus and Graphite in Grafana. - Easy setup and operation with a single executable and configuration via command-line flags. - Fast backups with vmbackup/vmrestore tools. - Implements MetricsQL query language. - Global query view for multiple data sources. - High performance and scalability, outperforming InfluxDB and TimescaleDB by up to 20x. - Efficient RAM usage, 10x less than InfluxDB and up to 7x less than others. - Optimized for high-churn time series data. - High data compression, storing up to 70x more data points in limited storage. - Ideal for high-latency IO and low IOPS storage. - Can substitute moderately sized clusters of competing solutions. - Protects data from corruption on unclean shutdown. - Supports various metrics protocols, including Prometheus, InfluxDB, Graphite, OpenTSDB, and more. - Offers stream aggregation, metrics relabeling, and series limiting. - Suitable for diverse data sources like APM, Kubernetes, IoT, financial data, and more. - Open source cluster version. - Compatible with NFS-based storages like Amazon EFS and Google Filestore.

Vikunja's Icon

The open-source, self-hostable to-do app - organize everything, on all platforms. For advanced configuration, see all supported configuration options: (

vm_custom_icons's Icon

Downloads and installs additional custom VM icons to the Unraid VM Manager. After install Container should be set to auto start. Usage Basic settings 1. Choose which custom icons you want to be installed from the drop downs. 2. Choose wether you want to keep the existing stock vm icons (recommended to keep) 3. Set wether all icons are redownloaded when container starts. Setting this as yes will clear all vm icons then redownload all choosen icons from github repo. Setting to yes will on every start download any new icons in selected sections. (This is also useful if you deceide you no longer want a choosen section of icons anymore) If your server has a beep speaker you can enable a tune to be played each time icons are synced! Advanced settings (under show more settings) 1. You can set how long the container should wait before exiting after syncing icons (default 30 seconds) Other options dont change

Vnstat's Icon

vnStat is a network traffic monitor that uses the network interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source. This means that vnStat won't actually be sniffing any traffic and also ensures light use of system resources regardless of network traffic rate. By default, traffic statistics are stored on a five minute level for the last 48 hours, on a hourly level for the last 4 days, on a daily level for the last 2 full months and on a yearly level forever. The data retention durations are fully user configurable. Total seen traffic and a top days listing is also provided. See the official webpage or the GitHub repository for additional details and output examples. An example of the included image output is also available.

VS-Code-Server's Icon

The official Visual Studio Code Server, dockerized! Visual Studio Code Server can be installed everywhere and easily used through a browser. No desktop application required. All extensions supported. Note: usage through a "" URL is behind a private preview invite and a limited by a known issue (see container README), so this container will only work with "local" mode for now, which still gives you a fully functioning VS Code instance. Learn more on the official documentation:

Very simple web toolbox to combine, compress, split PDF, and convert between images and PDF, change contrast of PDF, and add text watermark on PDF using Ghostscript and ImageMagick. ⚠️ WARNING: This toolbox is not secure and should not be exposed publicly. If exposed, someone might be able to access recently uploaded documents. Please, only use this toolbox behind an authentification portal or on a LAN (and access it via VPN if needed).

Web-Portal's Icon

Web-Portal is a web app written in Python using Quart, that aims to provide an easy and fast way to manage the links to all of your web services. This project is Copyright (c) 2022 Leo Spratt. License AGPL-3

webhook's Icon

webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands. You can also pass data from the HTTP request (such as headers, payload or query variables) to your commands. webhook also allows you to specify rules which have to be satisfied in order for the hook to be triggered.

webtop's Icon

Webtop( - Alpine, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch based containers containing full desktop environments in officially supported flavors accessible via any modern web browser.

whats-up-docker's Icon

What's up Docker? (aka WUD) WEBUI Included Gets you notified when new versions of your Docker containers are available and lets you react the way you want. Depending what you want to do you might have to add your own variables. By default I have included MQTT. Good Integration With Home-Assistant Prometheus Grafana Many Supported Triggers Send notifications using Smtp, Apprise, IFTTT, Slack, Pushover... Automatically update your docker containers or your docker-compose stack. Integrate with third-party systems using Kafka, Mqtt, Http Webhooks... Many supported registries Azure Container Registry AWS Elastic Container Registry Google Container Registry Github Container Registry Docker Hub (public & private repositories)

whisper-asr-webservice's Icon


Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

Whisper is a general-purpose speech recognition model. It is trained on a large dataset of diverse audio and is also a multi-task model that can perform multilingual speech recognition as well as speech translation and language identification. For more details: Use ASR_MODEL to specify which model to run. Available models are tiny, base, small, medium, large, large-v1 and large-v2. Please note that large and large-v2 are the same model. For English-only applications, the .en models tend to perform better, especially for the tiny.en and base.en models. We observed that the difference becomes less significant for the small.en and medium.en models. The ASR model is downloaded each time you start the container, using the large model this can take some time. If you want to decrease the time it takes to start your container by skipping the download, you can provide a persistent storage path. Next time you start your container the ASR Model will be loaded from there instead of being downloaded again. For GPU support, add '--gpus all' to 'Extra Parameters'.