Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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Resilio-sync( (formerly BitTorrent Sync) uses the BitTorrent protocol to sync files and folders between all of your devices. There are both free and paid versions, this container supports both. There is…

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This container will fully install a RetroNAS VM into the VMs tab of your server. It downloads an a vDisk image, verifies it with a checksum before creating a vm template and installing the VM for you. What you choose in the container…

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Interact with Ring Inc products (cameras/alarms/smart lighting) via MQTT - See the project page for token auth procedure -

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ROMVault beta

Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

RomVault will take one or more DAT files and your set of ROM (zip) files, and clean up your files to match your DAT files. If you find more ROMs to add to your collection RomVault will scan and merge in these files, and if new DATs are…

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ROOT is a framework for data processing, born at CERN, at the heart of the research on high-energy physics. Every day, thousands of physicists use ROOT applications to analyze their data or to perform simulations.

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Rsnapshot( is a filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync. rsnapshot makes it easy to make periodic snapshots of local machines, and remote machines over ssh. The code makes extensive use of hard links whenever…

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DESCRIPTION RSS-Proxy is a tool that allows you to do create an RSS/ATOM or JSON feed of almost any website (RSS-Bridge alternative), purely by analyzing just the static HTML structure. Live demo: NOTES •…

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RSSHub is an open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed generator. It's capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything.

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Backup, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

Simple rsync server based on Alpine To be able to connect to this rsync server you need to add the SSH key of your client to the variable SSH_AUTH_KEY_1 How to create an SSH key? Log into your client machine and create an SSH key as…

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DESCRIPTION Rustpad is an efficient and minimal open-source collaborative text editor based on the operational transformation algorithm. It lets users collaborate in real time while writing code in their browser. Rustpad is completely…

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DESCRIPTION Rustypaste is a minimal file upload/pastebin service. How to upload files to the server? You have three main different ways by wich you can upload files to your RustyPaste server. • [UI] Using some kind of web-based file…

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DESCRIPTION The Remote Wake/Sleep-On-LAN Server (RWSOLS) is a simple webapp to remotely power up (wake) and power down (sleep) any supported device via WOL/SOL protocol. NOTES • If you want to use the 'SLEEP' function, additional software…

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Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

This is a metrics exporter for sending statistics from sabnzbd ( to prometheus (

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scanservjs is a web UI frontend for your scanner. You can perform scans using your USB or network scanner through this web UI. The application allows you to share one or more scanners (using SANE) on a network without the need for drivers…

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Tool to add new movies to Radarr based on RSS, IMDB and Trakt lists. You need to create your config file before running the image. For more info on setup of your config file, check out:

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A fork of Mozilla's Firefox Send.Mozilla discontinued Send, this fork is a community effort to keep the project up-to-date and alive. Redis need some persistence database to do that please look up…

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SerpBear is an Open Source Search Engine Position Tracking App. It allows you to track your website's keyword positions in Google and get notified of their positions. Required: A 3rd party Scraping account or a proxy ips to scrape Google…

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DESCRIPTION Sharry allows to share files with others in a simple way. It is a self-hosted web application. The basic concept is: upload files and get a url back that can then be shared. NOTES • Before building the container, you have to…

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A self-hosted and PHP-based URL shortener application with CLI and REST interfaces. More Variables:

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Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

A ReactJS-based progressive web application for shlink. 1. Install shlink 2. CLI to it and enter "shlink api-key:generate" 3. Copy the api and add and edit to servers.json