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Anything but localhost is blocked by default To allow more than one connection other than locahost: 1. rightclick on SillyTavern and open console (not unraid console) 2. type vi config.yaml to edit the config file 3. press insert and add your IP to the whitelist 4. press esc then type :wq 5. restart the container

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Description Socials is a single-page website that stores all your social media and personal websites to share. It is similar to,, and, but open-source and built on Next.js. Your url is where user.json is the file containing the info OR you can create a default.json. There is mine running at Configuration /app/people This is where the json files containing someone's socials will be stored. You can see the layout and info on Github.

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Keep track of your inventory of 3D-printer filament spools. Spoolman is a web service that helps you keep track of your filament spools and how they are being used. It acts as a database, where other printer software such as Octoprint and Moonraker can interact with to have a centralized place for spool information. For example, if used together with Moonraker, your spool weight will automatically be reduced as your print is progressing. For more container variables visit the official github repo

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A nice looking homepage for Docker containers or any services and links. Create a config.json file in the app data location, then copy and paste the following from Modify per your requirements

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Starbound-GOG-Server beta


Docker container to run a GOG Starbound Server.

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This is official Storj V3 node client. To participate you must first have to have an authorization token, to get the Authentication Token go to: This template is for running the Docker application only, please follow Storj Lab directions to generate your Node Identity files - this is in !!! IMPORTANT Two path need to be passed to the docker. Currently Storj requires that the path are mounted using --mount rather than -v. Please add the path for the storage and identity folders to the extra parameters in the following format (extra parameters can be accessed through the advanced view toggle): --mount type=bind,source="/mnt/user/appdata//storj/identity/storagenode/",destination=/app/identity --mount type=bind,source="/mnt/user//",destination=/app/config During the first run the -e SETUP=true argument needs to be added to this string to create the required folders. After the first run when container is created restart it and delete the -e SETUP=true argument. For additional information please visit the support thread:

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STORJ DAEMON Docker - using Storj public automated build. This template, nor author, are affiliated with Storj is a Crypto-asset and P2P cloud storage service. This Docker runs the back-end client for Storj allowing internet users to rent their disk space and earn SJX an Ethereum asset. The template author makes no guarantee that SJX or ETH will retain, or increase in fiat value. This is only the Storj Daemon and CLI tool. SETUP REQUIREMENTS: 1. TCP ports 4000 open on host and setup on container (should be set below) 2. Path on host for Storj data to sit. IE: make a user share, /mnt/user/storj 3. Your Ethereum-based wallet address. 4. The max allowed space STORJ can take up on the host; remember to make it less STORJ DAEMON STATUS: (In your command line) docker exec Storj storjshare status Optional Component: StorjStat is a free community made tool for monitoring your Storj farming node(s), the tool gives you both real-time and historical analysis. See and calxibe/StorjMonitor for more information. The StorjStat API is optionally supported by using the STORJ_MONITOR_API_KEY environment variable when starting the storjshare-cli Docker container.

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Storj daemon + CLI; multiple-node in template support; monitor installed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Storj is a Crypto-asset and P2P cloud storage service. This Docker runs the back-end client for Storj allowing internet users to rent their disk space and earn STORJ an Ethereum asset. The template author makes no guarantee that STORJ or ETH will retain, or increase in fiat value. SETUP REQUIREMENTS: 1. TCP port 4000 open on host. 2. Path on host for Storj data to sit. IE: make a user share, /mnt/user/storj 3. Your Ethereum-based wallet address. 4. The max allowed space STORJ can take up on the host; remember to make it less 5. DDNS or DNS address. OPTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. API-Key 2. Additional network ports, if running multiple nodes. By default it increments from 4000. IE 4001, 4002, 4003++, and so on. STORJ DAEMON STATUS: (In your command line) docker exec StorjMonitor storjshare status

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Multi-arch tar1090 container for visualising ADSB data.

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Josh.5's Repository

Other, Productivity

This is an official JetBrains TeamCity build agent image. The TeamCity build agent connects to the TeamCity server and spawns the actual build processes. You can use the jetbrains/teamcity-server image to run a TeamCity server. This image adds a TeamCity agent suitable for Java development. It is based on jetbrains/teamcity-minimal-agent but gives you more benefits, e.g. client-side checkout if you use 'git' or 'mercurial' more bundled build tools 'docker-in-docker' on Linux

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Downloaders, Other

WireGuard VPN, Privoxy and Unbound built-in! Infected with rar'ed torrents? Here's your cure!

USB Manager


Drivers, Other, Plugins

Provides GUI for USB Devices. Additional support via addon plugin for USB over IP. Addon plugin install button available via the settings page following enabling USBIP.

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van_dam beta

Other, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

VanDAM is a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), specifically designed for 3D print files. Create a library pointing at your files on disk, and it will scan for models and parts. It assumes that any folders containing STL or OBJ files are models, and the files within them are parts. You can then view the files easily through your browser!

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Voyager beta


Voyager (formerly wefwef) is an Apollo-like open source web client for Lemmy. It's a mobile-first app, but works great on desktop devices, too. Please feel free to try it out, but be aware you will likely encounter bugs and missing functionality. What does Voyager currently support? - Light/dark mode - View and subscribe to communities - Multi account support - Single comment thread context view - Upvote, downvote and reply to threads and comments - Interact with user profiles - Comment thread collapsing - A bunch of swipe gestures - Messaging, mentions and replies - Creating new posts (url/photo/text) - Deleting/editing comments - Deleting/editing posts - Swipe to hide posts - Saving/bookmarking - Favorites - Android theme (beta) What is on the roadmap? - More customization - Native notifications and badging - Translations - ...and more!

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With watchtower you can update the running version of your containerized app simply by pushing a new image to the Docker Hub or your own image registry. Watchtower will pull down your new image, gracefully shut down your existing container and restart it with the same options that were used when it was deployed initially. For usage see Arguements can be placed in the 'Post Arguments:' in unraid Such as adding --schedule "0 0 4 * * *" in order to have watchtower auto update at 4am every day or --cleanup to remove old images after update

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Bring back the feel of the 90's with a weather forecast that has the look and feel of The Weather Channel at that time but available in a modern way

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webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands. You can also pass data from the HTTP request (such as headers, payload or query variables) to your commands. webhook also allows you to specify rules which have to be satisfied in order for the hook to be triggered.

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Other, Productivity

wger (ˈvɛɡɐ) Workout Manager is a free, open source web application that help you manage your personal workouts, weight and diet plans and can also be used as a simple gym management utility. It offers a REST API as well, for easy integration with other projects and tools.

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Print a neat little card with your WiFi info and stick it on the fridge.

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Other, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities

This container will install a fully updated Windows 98SE virtual machine (VM) into the VMs tab of your server. The container variables that you select will apply to the VM, and for most users, the default settings are sufficient and do not require modification. However, if you need to change the locations within the container, here is a brief explanation of what each location does. The "VM Share on Server" setting should be configured to reflect the location of your VM share. By default, the VM share on Unraid is located at /mnt/user/domains. The "Name to call VM" setting is straightforward. It allows you to choose a custom name for your vm. The default name is "Windows 98" but you have the option to change it to any desired name. Windows 98 type WIN98-KernelEX This allows Win98 to run some Win2000 and XP software WIN98-Normal Normal vanilla install After configuring the container variables as described above, the container will take care of the rest. It will create an XML file for the Win 98 virtual machine based on your selections and install the VM directly onto the server. Once the container has been run, you can go to the VMs tab and locate the installed VM. It is important to note that the container does not need to be kept running after installation. It is simply a tool for installation purposes and does not have a web user interface (UI). To monitor the container's progress, you can view the container log. ** This container cant translate the location of an unassigned disk across to the vm template. So all locations choosen must be on the array or pool device.

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Full node of the Witnet Oracle. The decentralized oracle that is true to the censorship resistant nature of blockchains. Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss. Witnet leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic and economic techniques to provide your smart contracts with secure data input. Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss. To let other nodes in the network find your node, ensure port 21337 is forwarded from your router to the P2P port set below. The node is open-source, in case you want to verify the code, just go to the repository: For further reading, head youself to the docs, qhere you will find information for newbies, developes, node operators and a developers reference to help to integrate it in your project: