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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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Productivity, Tools / UtilitiesUtilities, Other

Meet Gus! He has everything you need to start monitoring Unraid in style (Grafana - Influxdb - Telegraf - Loki - Promtail). NOTE: Grafana always requires some customisation to suit each exact system. Includes both GUS demo Dashboard and…

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sublivion's Repository


Running Boinc? Get some Gridcoins from your Boinc work! This docker contains Gridcoin Wallet with GUI running on Ubuntu. You can access the wallet via VNC and NoVNC. Remember to backup your wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf regularly to…

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With Honeygain you can make money just for sharing internet. Start earning now. UPDATE ACCOUNT DETAILS IN POST ARGUMENTS

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Icecast for Mopidy http stream setup mopidy audio docker: mopidy.conf [audio] output = lamemp3enc ! shout2send async=false mount=mopidy ip=XX.XX.XX.XX port=8000 password=hackme NOTE: Please download the icecast.xml and void.mp3 from…

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This Plugin will install all necessary software and dependencies for iSCSI, on the bottom of the settings page will be also the utility to configure your iSCSI Targets (the configuration utility is still in beta and will not affect the…


This plugin is a wrapper for reading the files used by emhttpd for displaying various statistics, the files are read from /var/local/emhttp/*.ini and are converted to JSON for easy access by services/applications like Home Assistant.…

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Kibana gives shape to any kind of data — structured and unstructured — indexed in Elasticsearch. Please install and run Elasticsearch docker first. Set the tag to it to match the one you are using on Kibana (currently 7.12.0) Change…

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Official MariaDB database container. It allows to set a database and username without using the console. MariaDB is a community-developed, commercially supported fork of MySQL (RDBMS). Root Password: This container creates by default a…

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A75G's Repository


Mattermost Push Notification Service. after starting mkdir /mnt/user/appdata/mattermost-push-proxy/config cd /mnt/user/appdata/mattermost-push-proxy/config wget…

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Nsfminer with Nvidia drivers and OC capability.

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nut server docker image for serving switch nsp and xci to tinfoil on local network.

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Network ServicesDNS, Security, Other

Pi-Hole - let's block those pesky ads! Now with DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS! pihole.doh! Don't send your DNS queries in plain text. YOU MUST ASSIGN A STATIC IP TO THE DOCKER FOR PIHOLE TO WORK. You must set both…