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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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VEIN beta

Game Servers

This Docker will download and install SteamCMD. It will also install VEIN and run it. ATTENTION: First Startup can take very long since it downloads the gameserver files! Update Notice: Simply restart the container if a newer version of…

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Simple container that allows MQTT to be used to view data and push settings to the Venstar Local API Thermostats. Local API needs to be enabled on the thermostat. No Web UI or appdata folder necessary.

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Verdaccio is a simple, zero-config-required local private NPM registry. No need for an entire database just to get started. Verdaccio comes out of the box with its own tiny database, and the ability to proxy other registries (eg.…

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Vertex 是一款集 监控, 刷流, 站点, 搜索, 追剧 于一身的 PT 管理软件 主要有以下功能: 监控 - 监控服务器以及下载器的各项指标信息 刷流 - 提供 RSS - 删种 全自动化流程 站点 - 站点管理, 数据增长记录, 数据可视化 搜索 - 提供全站种子聚合搜索, 可直接推送至下载器 追剧 - 提供全自动化追剧方案, 根据设定规则, 完成搜索种子, 下载种子, 根据 Plex 等媒体服务器的格式为种子文件软链接改名 请注意,…

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A plugin to create and modify vfio-pci.cfg from the unRAID webGui. Allows you to bind PCI devices by address to the vfio-pci driver. Also displays IOMMU groupings and which devices support reset.

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Media Applications, Video

Video Duplicate Finder is a cross-platform software to find duplicated video (and image) files on hard disk based on similiarity. That means unlike other duplicate finders, this one does also finds duplicates which have a different…

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This is a Basic Vintage Story Server it will download and install Vintage Story Server and run it. UPDATE NOTICE: The container will check on every start/restart if there is a newer version available. CONSOLE: To connect to the console…

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The virt-manager application is a desktop user interface for managing virtual machines through libvirt. It primarily targets KVM VMs. It presents a summary view of running domains, their live performance & resource utilization…

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DESCRIPTION VLMCSD is, a replacement for Microsoft's KMS server It contains vlmcs a KMS test client, mainly for debugging purposes, that also can "charge" a genuine KMS server designed to run on an always-on or often-on device,e.g. router,…

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Downloads and installs additional custom VM icons to the Unraid VM Manager. After install Container should be set to auto start. Usage Basic settings 1. Choose which custom icons you want to be installed from the drop downs. 2. Choose…

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vnStat is a network traffic monitor that uses the network interface statistics provided by the kernel as information source. This means that vnStat won't actually be sniffing any traffic and also ensures light use of system resources…

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DESCRIPTION A self-hosted file hosting service based on Zipline with many features. How to proceed after container installation? Before going into the next steps, configure the database container and run the required cmds. Then, after you…

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DESCRIPTION This is a docker template for Vorta (GUI for Borg Backup), a backup client for macOS and Linux desktops. It integrates the mighty BorgBackup with your desktop environment to protect your data from disk failure, ransomware and…

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The official Visual Studio Code Server, dockerized! Visual Studio Code Server can be installed everywhere and easily used through a browser. No desktop application required. All extensions supported. Note: usage through a ""…

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VSCodium( is a community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code.

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Wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages. Unlike other services, wallabag is free (as in freedom) and open source. [br][br][b][u][span style='color: #ff9900;']Default user/password[/span][/u][/b][br]User:…

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With watchtower you can update the running version of your containerized app simply by pushing a new image to the Docker Hub or your own image registry. Watchtower will pull down your new image, gracefully shut down your existing container…

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Home Automation

This project monitors the UDP socket (50222) from a WeatherFlow Hub, and publishes the data to a MQTT Server. Data is formatted in a way that, it supports the MQTT Discovery format for Home Assistant, so a sensor will created for each…

Very simple web toolbox to combine, compress, split PDF, and convert between images and PDF, change contrast of PDF, and add text watermark on PDF using Ghostscript and ImageMagick. ⚠️ WARNING: This toolbox is not secure and should not be…

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Web-Portal is a web app written in Python using Quart, that aims to provide an easy and fast way to manage the links to all of your web services. This project is Copyright (c) 2022 Leo Spratt. License AGPL-3

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WebCord( can be summarized as a pack of security and privacy hardenings, Discord features reimplementations, Electron / Chromium / Discord bugs workarounds, stylesheets, internal pages and wrapped…

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Very simple WebDAV server based on SabreDav and NGINX as the webserver. This should work with Windows Explorer as the client.

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Webgrabplus( is a multi-site incremental xmltv epg grabber. It collects tv-program guide data from selected tvguide sites for your favourite channels.