Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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SNMP is a standard way to get raw data from devices, for monitoring purposes. With this package, you can hook your UNRAID server up to a monitor, and track things like network usage, cpu activity, even user logins.

Use this plugin to change primary SSH configuration settings and enable Public Key authentication on a per user basis. It also gives the ability to stop/start and enable/disable the service.

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If you are low on memory and would like to add a Swap File to your unRAID server this plugin makes it simpler. The plugin enables creation/starting/stopping/changing of a Swap File on your unRAID server.

Swapfile for unRAID 6.9


Tools / UtilitiesSystem, Utilities, Plugins

This plugin enables creation/starting/stopping/changing of a Swap File on your unRAID server. The plugin allows placing swapfiles on a BTRFS formatted drive.

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Theme Engine lets you re-style the unRAID webGui. Instead of creating a whole new theme, it adjusts settings that override the theme you are already using. You can adjust as few or as many settings as you like. Mixing and matching the base…

Tips and Tweaks gives you tips on issues in certain versions of Unraid and lets you make some adjustments to Ethernet NIC(s), disk cache settings, and CPU scaling governors that can potentially help with performance and latency issues.


ich777's Repository

Other, Plugins

This is the plugin for the Docker Container Unraid-Kernel-Helper. It shows you all available informations about your built Kernel and Drivers/Modules.

USB Manager


Other, Plugins, Drivers

Provides GUI for USB Devices. Additional support via addon plugin for USB over IP. Addon plugin install button available via the settings page following enabling USBIP.

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A plugin to create and modify vfio-pci.cfg from the unRAID webGui. Allows you to bind PCI devices by address to the vfio-pci driver. Also displays IOMMU groupings and which devices support reset.

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This plugins wants to be the sidekick to unRAID-ZFS from Steini1984, adding a widget for the dashboard, and possibly some APIs to get the status (ie. to use with HomeAssistant).