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Dynamix System Temp's Icon

shows in real-time the temperature of the system CPU and motherboard. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Your hardware must support the necessary probes, and additional software drivers may be required too. This plugin requires PERL, this package needs to be installed separately.

Enhanced Log Viewer


Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

This plugin enhances the built-in Syslog page to view the system log with highlighted lines. You can enable or disable event highlighting and set your own colors for each event. You can add your own search string to highlight in the log.

This plugin displays recent write/modify file activity on each disk, UD disks, and the cache in the Array. It can help to understand why disks are spinning up from write/modify file and directory activity.

FolderView lets you create folders for grouping Dockers and VMs together to help with organization. Especially useful if you're using docker-compose. Getting Started: A new button named "Add Folder" will appear at the bottom of the docker and VM tab(s) next to "Add Container", depending on whether they are enabled in Settings or not.

GPU Statistics's Icon

This plugin parses GPU statistic data from vendor specific utilities and displays a subset of them on the dashboard. From version 6.12 onwards can support multiple GPUs on the dashboard and supports multiple Intel GPUs iGPU and ARC.

A simple plugin that indexes all of the pages in the GUI and allows you to search for them. No more wondering if the page is in Utilities, Tools, or System Information

This Plugin enables/disables HBA mode on some HP Smart Array controllers and installs the tool 'hpsahba'. As mentioned in the Github Repo: CAUTION: This tool will destroy your data and may damage your hardware! For further information go to the source Github repository: Warning, this "workaround" comes with a few downsides: - You have to set the controller type to SAT to get temperature readings. - TRIM might now work (needs further testing). Tested on following hardware so far: HP Smart Array P410i HP Smart Array P420i Firmware Version 6.0 HP Smart Array P812 Hewlett-Packard Company Smart Array G6 controllers / P410 (PCI ID: 103c:323a, board ID: 0x3243103c, firmware: 6.64) Hewlett-Packard Company Smart Array G6 controllers / P212 (PCI ID: 103c:323a, board ID: 0x3241103c, firmware: 6.64)

Intel i915 SR-IOV's Icon

Intel Graphics SR-IOV is Intel's latest virtualization technology for graphics. Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) defines a standard method for sharing a physical device function by partitioning the device into multiple virtual functions. Each virtual function is directly assigned to a virtual machine, thereby achieving near-native performance for the virtual machine. Check the link below to confirm if your integrated graphics support SR-IOV.

Intel-GPU-TOP's Icon

This plugin adds the tool 'intel_gpu_top' to your unRAID server and also enables your Intel iGPU from the installation of this plugin on, so no editis to the 'go' file or creation of other files are necessary. To see the usage of your iGPU open up the unRAID Terminal and type in 'intel_gpu_top' (without quotes). This plugin is based on parts of the Intel-GPU-Tools package and containes only 'intel_gpu_top' to monitor your iGPU usage natively in a unRAID Terminal. This plugin satisfies installation prerequisites of the GPU Statistics plugin from Community Apps. With both plugins installed you can display Intel GPU utilization on the unRAID Dashboard.

Intel-GVT-g's Icon

Intel-GVT-g is a technology that provides mediated device passthrough for Intel iGPUs (Broadwell and newer). It can be used to virtualize the iGPU for multiple guest virtual machines and also in Docker containers, effectively providing near-native graphics performance in the virtual machine and still letting your host use the virtualized iGPU normally. This is useful if you want accelerated graphics in Windows virtual machines running without dedicated GPUs for full device passthrough. This means less power consumption, less heat output and better performance for your VMs.

iSCSI Target's Icon

This Plugin will install all necessary software and dependencies for iSCSI, on the bottom of the settings page will be also the utility to configure your iSCSI Targets (the configuration utility is still in beta and will not affect the functionallity of the iSCSI Targets itself). Targetcli package provided by ich777.


This plugin is a wrapper for reading the files used by emhttpd for displaying various statistics, the files are read from /var/local/emhttp/*.ini and are converted to JSON for easy access by services/applications like Home Assistant. Please note there is no frontend, please visit the support thread for usage instructions.

LCD Manager's Icon

LCD Manager beta


Drivers, Other, Plugins

Install for LCDd and lcdproc to support LCD Screens. A QNAP lcd device is icp_a106, Futher panels will be added in the future along with unRAID specific screens.

Libvirt Hotplug USB


Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

A Plugin for Hot-plugging USB Devices to Running VMs. Libvirt Hotplug USB allows mounting of USB Devices (e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, iPhone, FlashDrive, etc) on running VMs. It uses virsh to attach the Devices which avoids Conflicts between different VMs.

LLDP for UNRAID's Icon

A plugin that integrates a Link Layer Discovery Protocol service into UNRAID systems (speaking LLDP, CDP, FDP, SONMP and EDP). LLDP allows you to know exactly on which port is a server (and reciprocally). LLDP is an industry standard protocol designed to supplant proprietary Link-Layer protocols. The goal of LLDP is to provide an inter-vendor compatible mechanism to deliver Link-Layer notifications to adjacent network devices.

LTFS's Icon

This plugin adds support for LTFS. You can easily mount tape drives in Unraid.

LXC's Icon

LXC is a well-known Linux container runtime that consists of tools, templates, and library and language bindings. It's pretty low level, very flexible and covers just about every containment feature supported by the upstream kernel. ATTENTION: This plugin is currently in development and currently meant for advanced users only, please visit the support thread first! Not all features/distributions are supported currently!

Mellanox-Firmware-Tools's Icon

This Plugin will install all necessary modules and dependencies for your Mellanox network card. With this tool you can flash/modify your Mellanox network card (command line only) and also read out the current temperature on the settings/plugin page.