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Dynamix File Integrity's Icon

Dynamix File Integrity

Dynamix Repository

Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

Real-time hashing and verification of files stored on the data disks of the array. This plugin reports on failed file content integrity and detects silent file corruption (aka bit-rot).

Dynamix File Manager's Icon

Dynamix File Manager


Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

This is a plugin to add a simple file management functionality to the file browser feature of the Unraid GUI. It is the intention to make this an integrated GUI feature in the future. Users can *Delete*, *Rename*, *Copy* and *Move*…

Dynamix Local Master's Icon

supports detection of the local master browser in an SMB network. It will display an icon in the header at the top-right when unRAID is elected as local master browser. Under SMB Workgroup settings more information about the current…

Dynamix Password Validator's Icon

Dynamix Password Validator

Dynamix Repository

Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

Adds the "zxcvbn.js" javascript password validator script, which is used for password strength validation. Passwords are rated in five strengths: worst, bad, weak, good, strong

Dynamix S3 Sleep's Icon

Shows in readefines the conditions under which the system will go to S3 sleep mode. It also adds an unconditional 'sleep' button on the Array Operation page.l-time any open SMB and AFP network streams. This allows instant view of who is…

Dynamix SCSI Devices's Icon

updates the udev persistent storage devices rules file (courtesy of BubbaQ), which allows proper naming of SCSI attached disks. *Please by aware that after installation of this plugin, it might be necessary to re-assign disks due to their…

Dynamix Share Floor's Icon

Dynamix Share Floor


Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

Share Floor creates a cronjob to do a regular scan on user shares and change the minimum share floor value according to the largest file found in the share. Choose a schedule which fits best with how often shares are updated with new files.

Dynamix Stop Shell's Icon

The Dynamix Stop Shell plugin adds a script which gets invoked when the array is stopped. This script looks for any open shells in /mnt/... and terminate them. This ensures the array can be stopped. Be aware that automatic terminating of…

Dynamix System Autofan's Icon

Dynamix System Autofan

Dynamix Repository

Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

allows automatic fan control based on the system temperature. High and low thresholds are used to speed up or speed down the fan. This is a new plugin and still under development.

Dynamix System Temp's Icon

shows in real-time the temperature of the system CPU and motherboard. Temperatures can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Your hardware must support the necessary probes, and additional software drivers may be required too. This plugin…

Enhanced Log Viewer


Plugins, Tools / UtilitiesSystem

This plugin enhances the built-in Syslog page to view the system log with highlighted lines. You can enable or disable event highlighting and set your own colors for each event. You can add your own search string to highlight in the log.

This plugin displays recent write/modify file activity on each disk, UD disks, and the cache in the Array. It can help to understand why disks are spinning up from write/modify file and directory activity.

A simple plugin that indexes all of the pages in the GUI and allows you to search for them. No more wondering if the page is in Utilities, Tools, or System Information

Intel-GPU-TOP's Icon

This plugin adds the tool 'intel_gpu_top' to your unRAID server and also enables your Intel iGPU from the installation of this plugin on, so no editis to the 'go' file or creation of other files are necessary. To see the usage of your iGPU…

Intel-GVT-g's Icon

Intel-GVT-g is a technology that provides mediated device passthrough for Intel iGPUs (Broadwell and newer). It can be used to virtualize the iGPU for multiple guest virtual machines and also in Docker containers, effectively providing…

iSCSI Target's Icon

This Plugin will install all necessary software and dependencies for iSCSI, on the bottom of the settings page will be also the utility to configure your iSCSI Targets (the configuration utility is still in beta and will not affect the…