Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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Media Servers, Music

This is Discord Music from GITHUB Open sourse Before you Deploy please create folder Names "SudhanPlayz-Discord-MusicBot-Master" at …

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SUI Startpage is a simple and clean server start page or homepage that you can quickly and easily setup to access your server resources and quick booksmarks and also lets you search on various provider sites via a search bar at the top as…

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Organize your daily tasks in one place while making time tracking a lot less annoying. Super Productivity is a ToDo List / Time Tracker / Personal Jira Task Manager for Linux, MacOS and Windows aimed at reducing the time you spend with…

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Home Automation, Productivity

Enjoy Superslicer directly in your browser with this easy to use Docker container. This template has the minimum variables defined, but you can find additional details on the template at the URLs listed…

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Cloud, Crypto Currency

A tool for ScPrime Storage Providers to set an arbitrary price and have the price auto-adjust an amount around that price. It also provides auto-reannouncement of the host address when IP address changes. Note: The setup instructions…

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Game Servers

This Docker will download and install SteamCMD. It will also install Survive The Nights and run it. ATTENTION: First Startup can take very long since it downloads the gameserver files! INITIAL SERVER PASSWORD: Docker Update Notice:…

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This Docker will download and install SteamCMD. It will also install Sven CO-OP and run it. ATTENTION: First Startup can take very long since it downloads the gameserver files! Update Notice: Simply restart the container if a newer…

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SWAG - Secure Web Application Gateway (formerly known as letsencrypt, no relation to Let's Encrypt™) sets up an Nginx webserver and reverse proxy with php support and a built-in certbot client that automates free SSL server certificate…

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Swatch: Color detection in images to capture presence of known objects. There is great object and face detection software out there, but sometimes AI detection is overkill or not suitable different types of objects. Swatch was created to…

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Swing is a music player for local audio files built with both visual coolness and functionality in mind. Just run the app and enjoy your music library in a web browser. Before you install: cd /mnt/user/appdata git clone…

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Sygil-webui beta

// THIS DOCKER TAKES A LONG TIME TO BOOT THE FIRST TIME SEE LOG FOR OUTPUT // Streamlit ui for Stable Diffusion: This now includes all models: SD v1-4 (ckpt) Waifu Diffusion…

Syncs two Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr servers through the web API. Useful for syncing a 4k radarr/sonarr instance to a 1080p radarr/sonarr instance. [b]Note you cannot have a mix of radarr, lidarr, or sonarr config setups at the same time. You…

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Syncthing( replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third…

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syslog-ng( allows you to flexibly collect, parse, classify, rewrite and correlate logs from across your infrastructure and store or route them to log analysis tools.

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tahskr is a simple, open source, self-hosted todo manager. There are two parts to tahskr. The server side that stores and serves data (that's this container) and the frontend that provides a web interface accessible from a mobile/desktop…

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Tailscale is a VPN service that makes the devices and applications you own accessible anywhere in the world, securely and effortlessly. The service handles complex network configuration on your behalf so that you don't have to. Network…

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Tandoor Recipes is a Django application to manage, tag and search recipes using either built in models or external storage providers hosting PDF's, Images or other files.

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Multi-arch tar1090 container for visualising ADSB data.

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Tartube is a GUI front-end for youtube-dl, yt-dlp and other compatible video downloaders. It is written in Python 3 / Gtk 3 and runs on MS Windows, Linux, BSD and MacOS. based on jlesage/baseimage-gui:ubuntu-20.04