Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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Simple container that allows MQTT to be used to view data and push settings to the Venstar Local API Thermostats. Local API needs to be enabled on the thermostat. No Web UI or appdata folder necessary.

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Vertex 是一款集 监控, 刷流, 站点, 搜索, 追剧 于一身的 PT 管理软件 主要有以下功能: 监控 - 监控服务器以及下载器的各项指标信息 刷流 - 提供 RSS - 删种 全自动化流程 站点 - 站点管理, 数据增长记录, 数据可视化 搜索 - 提供全站种子聚合搜索, 可直接推送至下载器 追剧 - 提供全自动化追剧方案, 根据设定规则, 完成搜索种子, 下载种子, 根据 Plex 等媒体服务器的格式为种子文件软链接改名 请注意,…

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Home Automation

This project monitors the UDP socket (50222) from a WeatherFlow Hub, and publishes the data to a MQTT Server. Data is formatted in a way that, it supports the MQTT Discovery format for Home Assistant, so a sensor will created for each…

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This docker container can be used to quickly get a WeeWX instance up and running. This container has the following WeeWX extensions installed: interceptor mqtt

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What's up Docker? (aka WUD) WEBUI Included Gets you notified when new versions of your Docker containers are available and lets you react the way you want. Depending what you want to do you might have to add your own variables. By default…

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Fully configurable Zwave Control Panel and MQTT gateway using NodeJS and Vue Recommended to pass in the USB adapter via the serial/by-id/ - find yours by a terminal command of: ls -l /dev/serial/by-id Example:…