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Media ApplicationsMusic, Photos, Video, Media ServersMusic, Photos, Video

SageTV is an Open Source PVR and Media Player including OpenDCT: An open source digital cable tuner network encoder for SageTV Configuration /opt/sagetv - This is the base directory for the server and other sagetv related files. Under this location there can be a 'server' directory and if the existing 'server' directory exists it will be upgraded. /var/media - Path for sagetv recordings and videos. Under this directory there should be (or will be created) a 'tv' directory where SageTV recordings will get recorded. /var/tv - Path for tv recordings if you want to store those in an alternate location. /var/mediaext - Path for extra media files. This can be whatever you want, but you will configure SageTV to look for videos, music, pictures, etc from this location. Permissions PUID - Should be the 'nobody' user for unRAID PGID - Should be the 'users' group for unRAID VIDEO_GUID - Should be the 'video' group for unRAID (used if you use PCI/USB video capture devices) Notes SageTV will need to use 'host' or 'br0' (set a unique IP) networking, so while the ports are defined, they are not required to be edited. Without 'host' or 'br0', sagetv will think your network clients are connecting as remote placeshifters, and present the placeshifter login. If using br0 mode (preferred) as the IP is unique the WebUI port of 8080 will not have any issues. If running in host mode, make sure you don't have other docker containers that are using port 8080. If you do, then EITHER change SageTV Jetty Port (in plugin configuration) after install, or, update the other docker containers to NOT use port 8080. On every Docker start, it will check for a new version of SageTV and install it, if it exists. You can force it to stay on a sepcific version by setting the Version in the template. The Version must match exactly the version tag from the github releases. There are Java 8, 11, and 16 version of these containers. Java 8 will be the default moving forward, but it currently has issues with the the /apps/ path in the Jetty Web UI. Container version: 2.0.7

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Seafile is an open source enterprise file sync and share platform with high reliability and performance. Seafile provides similar feature set to Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365, while it allows users to host the server on their own hardware. The core feature of Seafile is file sync and share. It provides client apps for most operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. It also provides a user-friendly web interface for accessing files in a web browser.

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Serviio is a freeware media server designed to let users stream music, video, or image files to DLNA compliant televisions, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and Android or Windows Mobile devices on a home network. Make sure to give it some time then restart the container at least once. If you want to use a custom config you need to map the path: /opt/serviio/config to your AppData install directory.

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Media ServersMusic, Photos, Video

Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server. It is capable of sharing video, audio and images between most modern devices. It was originally based on PS3 Media Server by shagrath, in order to ensure greater stability and file-compatibility. This is a headless install, you need to edit the file UMS.conf in oder to configure it. Refer to the default file below Note: you may need to stop the container before editing the config file, otherwise your changes might not get saved.

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Media ServersMusic, Photos, Video

Docker container to install and run Zappiti Server app as a local Cloud to manage your library using your Unraid server. Your files used for the collection are saved only on your machine.