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Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

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Backup, Cloud, Network ServicesFTP, Web

Share your files securely with FTP, Implicit FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS using CrushFTP 10. Built on Alpine 3.12. Size 234.8 MB. See dockerhub registry page for more details.

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Captures network traffic, calculates statistics about usage, and serves reports over HTTP.[br][br] [b][u][span style='color: #E80000;']Configuration[/span][/u][/b][br] [b]/config[/b] This is where Darkstat will store it´s database…

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Network ServicesWeb

<p>Dashboard is just that - a dashboard. It's inspired by SUI and has all the same features as SUI, such as simple customization through JSON-files and a handy search bar to search the internet more…

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Another web application bookmark dashboard, with fun features.[br][br][b][u][span style='color: #ff9900;']Default user/password[/span][/u][/b][br]User: [B][u]admin[/B][/u][br]Password: [B][u]admin[/B][/u][/b]

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Network ServicesWeb

<p>Dashy helps you organize your self-hosted services, by making them all accessible from a single place.</p> <p>-<span style="color: rgb(184, 49, 47);">Before you start CLI…

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Ddclient is a Perl client used to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on Dynamic DNS Network Service Provider. It was originally written by Paul Burry and is now mostly by wimpunk. It has the capability to update more than just dyndns…

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<h1 style="outline: 0px; color: var(--text-hover);">Lightweight universal DDNS Updater with Docker and web UI</h1> <p style="outline: 0px; text-align: justify; margin: 0px 0px 4px;"><strong style="outline: 0px;…

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Network ServicesDNS

A very simple DNS server to connect to DNS-over-HTTPS service. This is similar to my other Pihole-with-DoH docker, without Pihole. You have already browsed the web securely with https, don't send your DNS queries in plain text. This is…

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Support the Dogecoin network by hosting your own node! This template provides a full Dogecoin Core node based on Ubuntu. [br][br] To let other nodes in the network find your node, ensure port 22556 is forwarded from your router to…

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This Container will create a DNS Server wich connects by default to Goole's & DNS.SB's DoH resolver with ECS disabled (you can change that simply by editing the 'doh-client.conf' in your root directory of the container) You easily can…

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This is a simple DoH Server for Unraid. You easily can hide your DNS querys from your ISP with this docker on Firefox or Chrome and even on Android with the Intra App (by default it is set to use the Cloudflare and Google DNS…

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TP-LINK's free EAP Controller Software allows users to easily manage hundreds of TPLINK EAPs in multiple sites with the controller in a single location.[br][br] [b][span style='color: #E80000;']Directions:[/span][/b][br] …