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All the applications you love—built and maintained by a community member who understands what you need on Unraid. Love a particular app or plugin? Donate directly to the developer to support their work.

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Network ServicesManagement, Web

Statping-ng aims to be an updated drop-in replacement of statping after development stopped on the original fork. An easy to use Status Page for your websites and applications. Statping will automatically fetch the application and render a beautiful status page with tons of features for you to build an even better status page.

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SUI Startpage is a simple and clean server start page or homepage that you can quickly and easily setup to access your server resources and quick booksmarks and also lets you search on various provider sites via a search bar at the top as well.

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SWAG - Secure Web Application Gateway (formerly known as letsencrypt, no relation to Let's Encrypt™) sets up an Nginx webserver and reverse proxy with php support and a built-in certbot client that automates free SSL server certificate generation and renewal processes (Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL). It also contains fail2ban for intrusion prevention.

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This is a simple web controller for the Tenda SP9 smart plug. ROUTER_IP (env variable) to force your router ip if not Serve at port 80. JSON file is located at /config/, add this to a volume to see it outside of the image. The first run may take around 10 seconds (more if you don't have a decent CPU or local network). Because the application fetchs all Tenda SP9 devices over the local network.

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whoogle-search beta

FoxxMD's Repository

Cloud, Network ServicesWeb

Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Also includes a dark mode. Refer to the project page for additional configuration and usage https://github.com/benbusby/whoogle-search

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Network ServicesWeb, Other, Other

Windows inside a Docker container. IMPORTANT: Does not work with BTRFS filesystems on Unraid. See the FAQ on the Github page for support.

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Full node of the Witnet Oracle. The decentralized oracle that is true to the censorship resistant nature of blockchains. Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss. Witnet leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic and economic techniques to provide your smart contracts with secure data input. Without a reliable oracle, smart contracts can be vulnerable to hacks, corruption and monetary loss. To let other nodes in the network find your node, ensure port 21337 is forwarded from your router to the P2P port set below. The node is open-source, in case you want to verify the code, just go to the repository: https://github.com/witnet/witnet-rust For further reading, head youself to the docs, qhere you will find information for newbies, developes, node operators and a developers reference to help to integrate it in your project: https://docs.witnet.io/

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YaCy decentralized search engine (https://yacy.net)Default user/passwordUser: adminPassword: yacy Set an admin account immediately after the first start-up. Open: http://ServerIP:8090/ConfigAccounts_p.html