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Web GUI for Duplicacy. Duplicacy backs up your files to many cloud storages with client-side encryption and the highest level of deduplication Note: - It's imporatant to pass hostname (Advanced View > Extra Parameters > --hostname=), as duplicacy license is requested based on hostname and machine-id provided by dbus. - Machine-id will be persisted in the /config directory. - Default hostname set to 'duplicacy-unraid'. - If you want to backup the unRAID FLASH drive then you will have to run Duplicacy as root i.e. USR_ID=0 and GRP_ID=0 - /config -- is where configuration data will be stored. Should be backed up. - /logs -- logs will go there. - /cache -- transient and temporary files will be stored here. Can be safely deleted. - Readme:

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WireGuard VPN, Privoxy and Unbound built-in! For your backup needs, backs up everything.