Host Your Own Games

If you're a gamer who plays games like Counterstrike, Valheim, Rust, and many others, did you know you can run your own servers on Unraid?

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Take Your Gaming to Another Level with Unraid

Eliminate Monthly Fees

Some games like Minecraft offer a monthly subscription for access to their online servers, but with Unraid, you can host as many servers for as many games as you want, absolutely free!

Customize Your Experience

One of the advantages of hosting your own servers is the ability to load custom maps, mods, or just change game server rules. Make the experience unique and your own!

Better Performance

Host your own game server for your next LAN party and experience the fastest connection possible. You’ll have the lowest latency and least amount of desync compared to any online-hosted experience.

Password-Protect Your Game Servers

Prevent unwanted trolls and toxic players from joining your games. Protect your children from online predators. Hosting your own game servers and password protecting them lets you have the ultimate control over who can participate.

Easy Multi-Game Server Management

Want to host servers for several different games? Use the Pterodactyl docker app from the Unraid community app store, and you can manage servers for all of them from a single administrative dashboard.

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Pterodactyl Panel Install & Configure on Unraid using DOCKER (2021)

Pterodactyl panel is an open-source game server management panel built with PHP 7, React, and Go. Designed with security in mind, Pterodactyl runs all game servers in isolated Docker containers while exposing a beautiful and intuitive UI to end-users. We'll show you how to install pterodactyl panel. It's easy to set up if you're using a VM - but we love using Docker on Unraid. 

Easy Setup Guides

Follow along on these written guides by our friends at IBRACORP.

  • CS:GO Guide

    Play de_dust non-stop, enable deathmatch free-for-all, or try new game modes like CTF. Never be outvoted again by hosting your own Counterstrike game server!

  • Team Fortress 2 Guide

    Trace sprays by other players, run custom advertisements, and get detailed stats from use of custom server plugins for TF2.

  • Rust Guide

    Control the maximum stack size for any item, modify resource gain from item dispensers, go invisible, or teleport anywhere you want! As a server admin, you are in control.

Host Valheim on Unraid

Learn how to host your own Valheim Dedicated Server on Unraid!

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With affordable options starting at just $49, we have a license for everyone.

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