Host Your Own Games

If you are a gamer and play games like Counterstrike, Valheim, Rust, and many others, did you know you can enhance your gaming experience even further by running your own servers?

Game server hosting

Take Your Gaming to Another Level with Unraid

Password-Protect Your Game Servers

Prevent unwanted trolls and toxic players from joining your games. Protect your children from online predators. Hosting your own game servers and password protecting them lets you have the ultimate control over who can participate.

Eliminate Monthly Fees

Some games like Minecraft offer a monthly subscription for access to their online servers, but with Unraid, you can host as many servers for as many games as you want, absolutely free!

Customize Your Experience

One of the advantages of hosting your own servers is the ability to load custom maps, mods, or just change game server rules. Make the experience unique and your own!

Get Better Performance

When you host game servers on a network with your gaming PC, your connection will never be faster. You’ll have the lowest latency and therefore least amount of desync compared to any online-hosted experience.

Graceful Multi-Game Server Management

Want to host servers for a bunch of different games? Use Pterodactyl, and you can manage servers for a plethora of games from a single administrative dashboard.

Get Started with Unraid Today

To start your free 30-day trial of Unraid OS, you'll need a high-quality USB flash drive and an internet connection to your server.

Your USB drive must contain a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) and be between 1GB and 32GB in size.

Next, install the OS on your USB drive by downloading our USB Creator app, an open-source program digitally signed by Lime Technology, Inc.

Visit our Getting Started article for details on how to set up Unraid OS.

Easily Manage Multiple Game Servers

How to set up Pterodactyl on Unraid 1

This video by IBRACORP walks you through how to set up Pterodactyl as a Docker container, which can be used to easily manage many game server instances from a single administrative dashboard.

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