Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

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A Grafana remote image renderer that handles rendering panels & dashboards to PNGs using headless chrome. [br][br] Read Grafana Image Renderer documentation and see usage instructions at [b][u][a…

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Other, Productivity, Tools / Utilities, Utilities

Meet Gus! He has everything you need to start monitoring Unraid in style (Grafana - Influxdb - Telegraf - Loki - Promtail). NOTE: Grafana always requires some customisation to suit each exact system. Includes both GUS demo Dashboard and…

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Tools / Utilities, Utilities

Run a remote syslog server which will send to Grafana Loki and can be used for routers, switches and other hardware that allows sending logs to remote syslog and not install and configure promtail directly.

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This tool will continuosly run Speedtests at the chosen interval and export the data to InfluxDB. <br> <br> # What makes this different is that it's using the Ookla CLI tool which provides some expanded details that you can use…

A speedtest docker container that forwards the data to influxDB. Download the config.ini file from before you start the container.

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Telegraf gathers metrics from your system and sends them to an InfluxDB server for storage. From InfluxDB you would typically use something like Grafana to plot the data.[br] Both Grafana and Influxdb are available through Community…

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A custom grafana image that auto provisions the datasource and dashboards for use with the TeslaMate container. Default user/pass is admin/admin Note, this container will need permission to write to the…

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What's up Docker? (aka WUD) WEBUI Included Gets you notified when new versions of your Docker containers are available and lets you react the way you want. Depending what you want to do you might have to add your own variables. By default…