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File Browser - Webbased File Browser including sharing functions etc. Just Mount other Folder to/srv Example /mnt/user/Media/ > /srv/Media /mnt/user/Docs/ > /srv/Docs Read for the config

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Nextcloud can be used to access and share your files, calendars, contacts and more. Feel free to edit the container, enable the advanced view and change nextcloud:latest to nextcloud:123 to force the usage of a specific Nextcloud version. INSTALLATION At first install a MariaDB or PostgreSQL container. Changing their paths to /mnt/cache/appdata/... (instead of /mnt/user/appdata/...) will enormously boost Nextcloud's loading times! After that use the database's IP:Port and credentials to install Nextcloud. Optionally installing the Swag or Nginx Proxy Manager container allows you to access Nextcloud from outside of your home through HTTPS (do not forget forwarding the Ports 80 and 443 in your router). Note: The proxy itself needs to communicate through HTTP (not HTTPS) with Nextcloud. UPDATES Nextcloud often needs manual interaction to fix database indexes. In those cases execute the following through the Unraid Terminal to fix them: docker exec --user 99 Nextcloud php occ db:add-missing-indices Sometimes this command is needed: docker exec --user 99 Nextcloud php occ db:convert-filecache-bigint --no-interaction