March 12, 2021 Releases, Announcement

Introducing My Servers

My Servers 5

One of the core design goals of Unraid OS is its ease of use. Our users can configure server environments with minimal expertise and time. Whether that's installing the OS, configuring an array, setting up shares, or adding apps—we get you through those tasks in record time. Today we're extending that benefit beyond those core functions with the introduction of our latest offering: My Servers.

My Servers is designed to extend the value of your investment in Unraid by enabling you to more easily connect, share, monitor, and access your Unraid Server.

The first set of features for the launch of the My Servers plugin are simple, yet powerful: users can access their server remotely, backup their flash devices at the click of a button, monitor their servers at a glance, and easily manage their Unraid licenses. This is just a starting point - more great features and tools are coming in the future so be sure to stay tuned as our team works to roll out even more helpful tools!

Read all about My Servers

Including an Install Guide and full Documentation.
Secure Remote Access 2

We believe that secure remote access should be something as simple as forwarding a port on your router and turning this feature on. We didn't want folks to be burdened with the complexities of DNS, SSL certificates, and network security. That's why we created this feature as a function of My Servers. The benefits are simple:

  • No need to search for a guide, we'll walk you through it
  • No setting up DNS services
  • No registering a domain
  • No purchasing an SSL certificate
  • No containers, plugins, or other apps required

Our approach utilizes our own domain (, our own DNS services, and through our partnership with Let's Encrypt, our own SSL certificates. You don't need to add any containers or plugins and at the end of the day, the configuration is as simple as flipping a switch and forwarding a port.

Online Flash Backup

While making a backup of your flash drive is already easy in Unraid, we wanted to take it one step further: cloud-based backup. Whenever you wish to make a backup of your flash, it can be uploaded to our secure cloud, so that regardless of what happens to your local devices, you can always get a copy of your latest OS configuration and be back up and running with minimal downtime.

Alongside My Servers...

You now have the ability to enable 2FA for your Unraid Forum Account. A strong password and 2FA is highly recommended!
Real time Monitoring

Seeing what is happening on your servers is easy when you can access the dashboard. But what if you have multiple Unraid servers and you're not on the LAN? This feature enables users to get a quick insight at-a-glance that lets you know if your servers are online or not, how much storage they have remaining, and how many apps or VMs are running.

My Servers

Designed to extend the value of your investment in Unraid by enabling you to more easily connect, share, monitor, and access your Unraid Server.
License Management

With My Servers, downloading your old license keys will be as simple as logging in with your account. Whether you want to move your license to a new flash drive or upgrade to a higher tier, all of this will now be able to be accomplished thanks to My Servers.

Unraid Discord Server

Get help, chat with other community members, and stay in the know in real time!

Getting Started and Signing In to

When you install the My Servers plugin and login to the webGui, you will have the option to sign in to Doing so will unlock the additional features of My Servers. Please login with your existing forum account if you have one. Otherwise, please create an account.

Documentation and Discord

For the full details on My Servers, please see the My Servers Documentation.

Lastly, we are pleased to also announce a new official Unraid Discord server.

Easily connect, share, monitor, and access Unraid with My Servers.

Check out more info here and let us know what you think!