Unraid Connect

Enjoy the convenience and connectivity of the cloud on your Unraid homelab. Unraid Connect is your one-stop shop for server management, monitoring, and maintenance.

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Dynamic Remote Access

Toggle on/off server accessibility with dynamic remote access. Automatically turn on UPnP and open a random WAN port on your router at the click of a button and close off access in seconds.

Manage Your Server Within Connect

Servers equipped with a myunraid.net certificate can be managed directly from within the Connect web UI. Manage multiple servers from your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC in the same browser window.

Deep Linking

The Connect dashboard links to relevant sections of the webgui, allowing quick access to those settings and server sections.

Online Flash Backup

Never ever be left without a backup of your config. If you need to change flash drives, generate a backup from Connect and be up and running in minutes.

Real-time Monitoring

Connect offers a comprehensive overview of your Unraid server's online/offline status, available storage, license type, uptime, OS version, and more at a glance.

Customizable Tiles and Themes

Set custom server tiles how you like and automatically display your server's banner image on your Connect Dashboard. You can even enjoy Connect dark or light mode.

License Management

Manage your license keys at any time or even upgrade your license via the My Keys section.

Enjoy in your Language

With a global user base, Connect is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Chinese.

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