The Ultimate Music Player: Volumio

Music Management and Playback with Volumio: your ultimate media player solution for music lovers.

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The Ultimate Music Player: Volumio

Optimized UI

Easily navigate between sources, artists, and albums with a UI design that shows off the beauty of your music collection.

Best Sound Quality

Witness the power of a truly HI-FI digital music player, fully tailored to offer uncompromised audio quality.

Multi-room Synchronized Playback

Play and sync any of your music sources across 6 Volumio players.

Connect all your providers

Consolidate and stream all your music services, files and formats through one common interface.

Browser and Mobile Apps

Download native apps for iOS and Android or use any web browser to connect and manage your music library.

Setup Volumio on Unraid

This video by SpaceInvaderOne walks you through how to set up Volumio as a VM on Unraid

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