Windows Backups

What do you do if you accidentally delete a file or get infected with a virus or malware? Protect yourself by using Unraid as a backup target for your PCs.

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Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Ever delete something or empty the recycle bin only to realize immediately after that you needed what was in there? Never worry about this again with backups on Unraid.

Protection from Viruses & Malware

Browsing the web has never been more dangerous. Malicious hackers are always looking for ways to compromise your data and security and the growth of zero-day attacks has increased dramatically in recent years. Protect yourself from these types of events with a proper backup solution.

Backup Faster and Easier

When your Unraid server is on the same LAN, backups can go as fast as the network and storage allow. Cloud-based backup solutions are bottlenecked by your Internet connection, whereas a local server can provide fast backups and even faster recoveries!

No Subcription Costs

Cloud-based backup solutions can be expensive, especially to scale for multiple devices with large data sets. 

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How to Backup your Windows PC to an Unraid Server using Windows Backup

This video shows how to backup a Windows PC to an Unraid server using only the built in Windows backup software.

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With affordable options starting at just $49, we have a license for everyone.

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Try before you buy

Not sure if Unraid is right for you? Take Unraid for a test drive for 30 days—no credit card required.