Durandal Software Development Company

Specializing in modeling and simulation, Durandal utilizes Unraid in their Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) network for three core use cases detailed below.

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"In a nutshell, our CUI network showcases a secure, scalable setup with Unraid playing a key role in ensuring data integrity and operational efficiency. As we move forward, leveraging Unraid's capabilities will support our mission and growth." —Josiah Perrin, Durandal CEO

Durandal is a software development company specializing in modeling and simulation that offers systems and domain expertise in electronic warfare, software optimization, RF systems analysis, communication systems, software engineering, AI/ML model implementation, and much, much, more.

Durandal's Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) network is built with a strong focus on security and functionality. At the heart of their setup, they have a managed firewall that connects to the ISP modem, positioned as their first line of defense, and allows for precise monitoring of all inbound/outbound traffic. This is backed up by a managed switch that efficiently routes all network traffic internally to their office CUI enclave. 

Central to their network is the rack unit running Unraid, where system backups are handled, DevOps tools are hosted locally, and where they run lightweight virtual machines (VMs). The Rack Unit sits in a VLAN dedicated to CUI, keeping sensitive data isolated and secure. 

Durandal's Unraid Setup


Unraid Features Used

System Backups

Unraid manages Durandal's CUI system backups, offering solid data protection and easy recovery if something goes wrong.

Local DevOps Tools Hosting

By hosting DevOps apps locally on Unraid, efficient version control, and collaborative software development are ensured while keeping their codebases safe within the CUI network.

VM Management

Unraid allows Durandal to create and manage both lightweight and heavyweight VMs, letting them allocate resources based on application needs for optimal performance.

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