Data Storage Users

Store, Backup, and Archive Large Amounts of Data with Unraid OS

Unraid saves your data even if one of your storage devices fails. Expand your storage needs by adding almost any storage device. Control your costs by reducing excessive and unnecessary usage on your system.

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Unraid has all of your immediate and long-term storage needs covered

Designers, 3D animators, developers, and video production companies have one thing in common: they have a ton of incredibly important data to store, manage, and backup... plus a never-ending need to expand their storage capacity. Unraid is the perfect solution for expanding your storage capacity over time.

High-Performance Storage with ZFS

ZFS optimizes read and write operations, which is essential for media professionals working with large video files, high-resolution images, and other data-intensive tasks. It also offers data deduplication and compression, helping to optimize storage space. 

Backups Made Easy

Backup and archive your data easily using Apple Time Machine, Windows Backup Services, or almost any other backup solution.

Do you have the need for speed?

Unraid offers multiple storage technologies to fit your specific needs. For users who demand the fastest performance from their NAS, we offer ZFS and BTRFS caching and storage pool options.

Hardware Agnostic

Mix and match drives of different sizes, speeds, brands, and protocols. Expand your system with one drive at a time.

Minimize Power Consumption

Only spin up the drives you’re using. Keep heat, noise generation and power consumption to a minimum.

Remote Server-to-Server Backups

Learn how to set up Unraid remote server-to-server backups using rsync and Wireguard.

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Server to Server Backups Made Easy

Unraid to Unraid backups are easy, user-friendly and do not demand extensive CLI knowledge. LuckyBackup is capable of backing up with snapshots, cron jobs, scheduling, email reports, simulation mode, and so much more. Follow along with this video or this written guide.

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With affordable options starting at just $49, we have a license for everyone.

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Try before you buy

Not sure if Unraid is right for you? Take Unraid for a test drive for 30 days—no credit card required.