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Unraid Paid Support Sessions can now be bought and given as a gift! Purchase a gift card and book or gift at your leisure.

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Need one-on-one help? We’ve got you covered. Book a session now to customize your new build, address performance issues, troubleshoot your server, and more. You can book up to 3 months in advance.

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Initial Setup & Configuration Support

Book this session for help with initial setup, hardware selection, or configuring network settings, applications, and virtual machines, and more.

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Book this session for an Unraid expert to review your system, settings, and diagnostics. Whether you’re experiencing performance or stability issues, we’ll troubleshoot your issue and get you up and running in no time.

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“Andrew was great and helped walk me through the proper procedure to rebuild new parity after a disk failure. It has been a while since I've had to do this and my new parity drive was significantly larger than my current one so I wanted to be extra careful. He also gave me some pointers on some misconfigured items I had, which I really appreciated. My parity rebuild should be done in the next few hours and then I'll feel safe again. Thanks again, Andrew!”

labalicious labalicious

“My session was incredibly helpful, can’t thank Edward enough for his time and patience, knowledge and expertise. My issue was fixed in an instant, and he kindly stayed on to tweak various other things on the server. 10/10!”

hisnameispaul hisnameispaul

“IT WAS OUTSTANDING!!! It saved me hours of research, cleared up confusion, and fixed simple little things I had messed up. It allowed me to ask questions specific to my situation and get an instant response. The value of these sessions cannot be commended enough. I have 5 Unraid boxes and will probably be getting a few more. Ed is great and I enjoy working with him. We accomplished so much during our session. I now have a Dell r730xd running Unraid with 14x 4TB SSDs on ZFS!”

C. Tweedy C. Tweedy

“Dan fixed my issue and was a class-act during the process! Would definitely book with him again if something like this happened again.”

jimeez jimeez