Multi-OS Users

Unraid Server OS was designed from the ground up with software engineers, developers, graphic designers, game developers, and AR/VR designers in mind. We make it easy to consolidate everything you need onto one system. No more buying different machines for different uses.

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You’ve got a stack of laptops and other devices perched on the corner of you work station—one for each system you need to test your software, website, game, or web app on. No more. Unraid lets you do it all on one system.

Run multiple operating systems concurrently on a single machine for easy testing.

Backup/replicate the entire OS simply by copying a file (the vdisk) to your backup location.

From Our Users

“I’m amazed by how much Unraid has allowed me to do with this machine, and a year in I still haven’t scratched the surface of what it can do. I’m convinced I’ll be able to, with a few select upgrades along the way, keep this machine going for another 10 years like my last machine.”

“A month into my Unraid journey I have a better NAS than before with all of the apps I wanted plus lots more I didn't realise I wanted. The best part? If it fails, I have you guys here to assist me. Suck it, Asustor.”

“If your time is worth money and you need a file server/appliance that also requires CPU power for transcoding or VMs. I would say Unraid is a pretty solid option. It's proven quite stable on hardware that I didn't even that was all that stable. Performance is consistent. Maintenance is very easy and the level of compartmentalization means it's not only easier to backup and restore, it's simply more resistant to catastrophic corruption.”