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Unraid lets you maximize your system to be a victory lap-worthy gaming computer and a fully functional home PC at the same time.

Easy to set up and simple to use, ready to expand, accept the latest hardware upgrades, and take on all newcomers!

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You want it all: A sick gaming computer worth bragging about, a home PC that lets you run any software you want and a media system that lets you kick back after a hard-fought victory.

Unraid OS delivers it all—on a single computer.

Combine your gaming and NAS server into a single machine to save money. Create the ultimate computing monster!

Run multiple OSs on a single machine to support games from different generations or from different platforms.

Hook up multiple graphics cards, keyboards, mice, and monitors to create a LAN party in-a-box.

Build the ultimate LAN party rig with multiple concurrent players on one system.

Combine your Gaming and NAS Rigs Today!

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