Digital Media Mavericks

Unraid lets you build a system maximized for media use that can also function seamlessly as your home computer. It’s an easy-to-setup and simple-to-use solution for creating your own personal media server. And, it’s a breeze to expand your system over time.

Whether you’re looking for device redundancy to guard against device failure, or need state-of-the-art encryption to guard against device theft, Unraid is designed to ensure that you don’t lose your data.

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Photographers, video producers, musicians, recording engineers, editors, and even moms and dads who constantly record videos of their kids, can get the benefits of Unraid.

Expand your system with as little as one drive at a time.

Mix and match drives of different sizes, speeds, brands, and protocols.

Choose from a wide variety of media serving applications to run on your server, including Plex, Kodi, Myth, and more.

Only spin up the drives you’re using. Keep heat, noise generation and power consumption to a minimum.

Secure access to your data in the event of theft or seizure with device-level encryption.

Take It From Our Fans

“I have been using my Unraid as NAS for my personal pictures, videos, and music. The Unraid was mostly a utilitarian device was not paid much attention by my friends or family. Once I saw the newest version 6 of Unraid my mind was blown away by the versatility and the many FREE options available. I say go for it, you will not regret it!!!”

“This server will enable me to consolidate a few "media server" software packages running on other PC's. With this server I will be able to run all of the media servers, several dockers, a few VM's, personal cloud, as well as house all of my media to include Videos, Pictures, personal data et et. All of this data serves my Gaming Home Theater PC as well as a few fire stick and chrome box driven HDTV's around the house. It also feeds media to a few mobile devices when I am out and about or on the local network.”

“I’m amazed by how much Unraid has allowed me to do with this machine, and a year in I still haven’t scratched the surface of what it can do. I’m convinced I’ll be able to, with a few select upgrades along the way, keep this machine going for another 10 years like my last machine.”