Download Unraid OS

Getting started with Unraid is simple and easy. Once installed, enjoy a free 30 day trial or purchase a license directly right here.

How to Get Started with Unraid

  1. Insert a quality USB flash device into your Mac or PC.
  2. Download the USB Flash Creator and use it to install Unraid OS onto your USB flash device, or use the Manual Install method.
  3. Remove the flash device from your PC and plug it into your server.
  4. Boot into your server's BIOS settings and make the following changes:
    • Configure the system to boot from the USB flash device.
    • Enable virtualization-specific features (including IOMMU).
  5. Save your BIOS configuration changes and exit to boot Unraid OS.
  6. Unleash your hardware!

See the Getting Started Guide for more details on Unraid OS setup.