Community Apps

Install the popular Community Apps plugin and choose from a large, growing catalog of applications to run in your Unraid server.

Community Developers: See here

cron-streamripper's Icon

Streamripper that runs on a cron schedule[br][br] [b]Directions:[/b][br] 1. Create an executable file (sh script) that runs streamripper and store it in the Programs Dir directory[br] 2. Create a valid cron file…

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Elasticsearch with instructions for installation on unraid. [br][br] [b]Default Elasticsearch version is 6.6.2[/b][br] To change version simply edit the version tag in the repository field to an available version on…

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All-in-one image for feeding FlightRadar24/FlightAware ADS-B/MLAT data with an RTL-SDR device and local web server for displaying aircraft positions on a map.[br][br] Docker contains: [br]  * Piaware (Flightaware ADS-B and…

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Self-hosted music scrobble database to create personal listening statistics and charts as a substitute for / / GNU FM. Features include: * Easy import of existing scrobble data in CSV format (from…

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Track your music listening history from many sources and record to many scrobble clients. Track history from api-based sources like Spotify, Plex (Tautulli), Subsonic (Airsonic), Jellyfin and record to and Maloja…

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A tiling image board system for people who want to save, tag, and share images, videos and webpages in an easy to skim through format. Basically self-hosted Pinterest. Project includes a chrome/firefox extension bookmarklet.

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Software-defined radio receiver application built on GNU Radio with a web-based UI and plugins.[br][br] This docker includes additional plugins courtesy of the maintainer:[br] * python-libhamlib2 -- Controlling external…

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An easy to use Status Page for your websites and applications. Statping will automatically fetch the application and render a beautiful status page with tons of features for you to build an even better status page.

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Backend API container for Szurubooru, an image board engine for small and medium communities[br][br] [span style='color: #E80000;'][b]Requires postgres 11 to run[/b][/span][br][br]

szurubooru-client's Icon

Frontend container for Szurubooru, an image board engine for small and medium communities[br][br] Requires the backend container, [b]szurubooru-api[/b], in order to work.

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Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Easily deployable in one click as a Docker app, and customizable with a single config file. Quick and simple to implement as a primary…