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Ombi( allows you to host your own Plex Request and user management system. If you are sharing your Plex server with other users, allow them to request new content using an easy to manage interface! Manage all your requests for Movies and TV with ease, leave notes for the user and get notification when a user requests something. Allow your users to post issues against their requests so you know there is a problem with the audio etc. Even automatically send them weekly newsletters of new content that has been added to your Plex server!

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Varken requires influxdb and grafana. Deploy those containers first. Dutch for PIG. PIG is an Acronym for Plex/InfluxDB/Grafana Varken is a standalone command-line utility to aggregate data from the Plex ecosystem into InfluxDB. Examples use Grafana for a frontend You must edit the varken.ini file in /mnt/user/appdata/varken.

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Downloaders, Network Services

xteve, guide2go in one docker with cron setup guide2go SD subscrition as follows or copy your existing .json files into your mounted /guide2go folder docker exec -it "dockername" guide2go -configure /guide2go/"your_epg_name".yaml to test the cronjob functions docker exec -it <dockername> ./config/ included functions are (all can be individual turned on / off) xteve - iptv and epg proxy server for plex, emby, etc ... thanks to @marmei website: Discord: guide2go - xmltv epg grabber for schedules direct, thanks to @marmei github: Schedules Direct web: some small script lines cause i personally use tvheadend and get playlist for xteve and cp xml data to tvheadend

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xTeVe is a M3U proxy server for Plex, Emby and any client and provider which supports the .TS and .M3U8 (HLS) streaming formats.xTeVe emulates a SiliconDust HDHomeRun OTA tuner, which allows it to expose IPTV style channels to software, which would not normally support it.OpenVPN has been added to the container to allow users who have issues with their ISP shaping IPTV to bypass the shaping using a VPNI built this VPN version to bypass my ISP shaping during peak usage times. In the evenings I noticed my IPTV channels were freezing and timing out. After some back and forth between myself and the IPTV provider I came to the realisation that its my ISP that's the cause. Hopefully it helps others out there as its helped me.ConfigurationPlease refer to my github repo xteve-vpn;