31 January 2020

Unraid 2019 In Review

The 2019 Year in Review Blog takes a look back at Unraid's stable releases, new features, top videos, new hires and much more!

2019 Year In Review

2019 has been an eventful year for Lime Technology and Unraid OS. We’re very passionate about building out and developing new features to help you get the very best out of your NAS. When we’re not busy developing new features or keeping the OS current with security patches and updates, we’re actively listening to your feedback in order to make Unraid even better.

Throughout 2019, we shipped 5 stable releases, a myriad of release candidates, and a huge amount of new features, security updates, bug fixes and improvements. We also ran a number of community giveaways and got some awesome feedback and testimonials from the community. Some of our favorites will be sprinkled in below.

Here’s a look back at everything new and improved for Unraid in 2019!

Stable Releases


Unraid 6.6.7 was released on February 22, 2019

Improvements and New Features:

Unraid 6.6.7 was a security release that updated docker from version 18.06.1 to 18.06.3 and was a continuation off of Unraid 6.6.6 which improved and added a multitude of webgui improvements and bug fixes.


Been using Unraid for almost 2 years. I was the first of my group of data hoarding friends to take a leap of faith. I will agree, the community is one of the best parts of the platform. I have not messed with dockers in the past and had a ton of questions, but the community was right there to point me in the right direction. They didn’t just give me the answer, they helped me understand what I was doing! Fast forward and now we have 6 people all converted their collections of random data hoarding to Unraid! 


Unraid 6.7 was released on May 10, 2019

Improvements and New Features:

  • Unraid 6.7 introduced a new dashboard layout, along with new settings and tools icons. Designed by user @Mex and implemented in collaboration with @bonienl
  • Time Machine support via SMB was also introduced for easier backups for all of our Mac users.
  • Enhanced syslog handling was also unveiled so that you can designate servers to receive system logs from other Unraid OS servers, or forward server syslogs to another local or remote server.
  • Parity sync/Data rebuild/Check pause/resume capabilities were also introduced with this release along with a whole host of other things. See the full release announcement for full details!


My wife is annoyed how much I love my Unraid server, but it just works. 


Unraid 6.7.1 was released on June 22, 2019

Improvements and New Features:

This was a bug fix and security update patching the Zombieland, and SACK panic security vulnerabilities.


Well, its taken me 13 years to learn about Unraid and I had no idea this product was that stable or I would have moved to it sooner. Over the past year, I've purchased my first "home lab" rack mounted server with 14 drive bays available for the sole purpose of moving to Unraid and its awesome! My wife is not annoyed by how much I love Unraid because she has no idea I'm using it because it just works! 


Unraid 6.7.2 was released on June 25, 2019

Improvements and New Features:

This release restored PHP/SQLite support and updated the kernel-firmware package.


Wow, what is not to like? Reliability, flexibility, and amazing support. My Unraid server has been one of the best things I have ever built for my home. There is not much more I can say. 


Unraid 6.8 was released on December 10, 2019

Improvements and New Features:

  • A Proper Login Page with Forms Based Authentication compatible with all major password managers
  • WireGuard® Support available as a plugin via Community Apps. 
  • WS-Discovery Support: reliable Windows network discovery.
  • User Share File System (shfs) changes: Integrated FUSE-3 which should increase performance.
  • Other Improvements and Bug Fixes: Linux Kernel updates and fixed the SQLite DB Corruption bug, among many others!


Been using Unraid for 10 years. Such a great product backed by a great community and constant innovation. Thanks.

Top Videos featuring Unraid: 

Coming in at just under 4 million views combined at the time of publication, here are the top 3 Unraid videos of 2019!

Featured Blogs and Exciting News:

Just passed the two year mark as an Unraid user. Fantastic product, but it's the community that makes it truly shine. Thank you all, both developers and fellow users.
-Dev Null

New Hires

Along with all of the above exciting news, Lime Technology added Spencer Jones as a Marketing and Community Manager AND are excited to announce the hiring of a new web developer. More details on the new hire are here.

Looking Ahead to 2020

2020 is shaping up to be an extremely exciting year for the Unraid OS. We recently put up a poll of some popular new feature requests for 2020 so be sure to let your voice be heard if you feel so inclined and we'll do our best to accommodate the winning selections. Be on the lookout for ⤵️ new releases and features ⤵️ soon!


Thanks for a great 2019!

What new feature did you like the most about Unraid?

What are you looking forward to in 2020?