May 12, 2021 Community

Unraid in a German Educational Institute

SFZ Unraid 2

Our educational association, the Schülerforschungszentrum Südwürttemberg e.V. has 8 locations in southern Germany and offers students the opportunity to take free courses in STEM and realize their own ideas in a small workshop with 3D printers, CNC milling machines, and everything else you need. While looking for a solution to store project files and exchange files, we discovered Unraid.

Unraid also offers us the ability to run applications and even virtual machines in addition to a pure storage solution! Both features are used by us.So besides data storage, we also run a GitLab server, a PiHole, Unifi controller, VPN, and much more.

Screen Shot 2021 05 10 at 11 03 17 AM

With virtual Windows environments where CAD applications have been installed, even our old laptops can be used for 3D modeling via Parsec. Also, Windows applications that require many presets can be used independently of the PC. For example, control software to create G-code for CNC machines, 3D printers, and laser engravers.

Parsec inventor

In addition, Unraid offers us the possibility to give the students a platform to try out and test self-written, small server applications without having to resort to special, expensive infrastructure.

All in all, we can say that Unraid is the best solution for us. It is very easy to manage everything and add new applications! It allows us to get the most out of our server!

We wanted to give a big thanks to Unraid for sponsoring licenses for us to use in an educational setting!

-Marc Panse
SFZ Instructor


Here is a list of the installed components

RAM: 32gb

HDDs: 4x 10TB

SSD 2.5”: 1x 2TB

NVMe SSD: 1x 128GB

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6x 3.60GHz

Motherboard: MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WIFI, So.AM4 (7C84-001R)

Housing: 4U 44129-N

USB stick: 16gb

Graphics card: Asus Turbo Geforce GTX 1080 8GB

Want to teach with Unraid in the classroom?

If you are an educator and would like to teach with Unraid in the classroom, please reach out to us directly as we would love to support this at your place of instruction!