October 11, 2015 Gaming, Media

Unraid Featured On linustechtips

Linus Sebastian provides content to his audience (nearly 2 million youtube subscribers) in various forms: hardware reviews/unboxings, news analysis, build guides, and much more. After the release of Unraid 6, we reached out to Linus to see if he had any interest in demonstrating some of our capabilities in one of his shows. Just recently, CoolerMaster had asked Linus to do a video showcasing their Mastercase 5 in a build guide. Linus thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase the adaptability of the case to a variety of build needs, including two gamers running off the same CPU. In the video, Linus goes over component selection, BIOS configuration, and Unraid OS configuration for his build. If anyone wants to see what high-performance virtualization-capable hardware can do, this is a must-see!

On a personal note, we were very happy to see that this particular motherboard provided individual IOMMU groups for each of the PCI device slots on the Asus motherboard (no ACS Override required). The motherboard also featured two distinct USB controllers (an Intel and an ASMedia). One could be passed through to a VM completely while the other can be used for the Unraid USB flash boot device. The only thing that we were missing was an on-board graphics device so we could have avoided the need for taking up a PCI slot for host-based graphics (the Unraid console). That said, the performance results really speak for themselves. This is a great demonstration of the power of high-performance personal computing. I could easily imagine college roommates going in 50/50 on a gaming rig with overpowered hardware like this. When they are both there, they split the CPU 50/50 and still get great performance. When only one is there, they could use ALL the CPU cores and get even higher performance! Also consume less power, generate less heat, and act as a redundant storage system for their most important data.

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