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Unraid 6.9 Multi Language Support Explainer

Multi Lang Support 4

With the release of Unraid OS 6.9 comes many new exciting features. One of the features that we are most excited about is Multi Language Support. If you are like many of our users and English is not your mother tongue, never fear:

You can now download, install, and use the Unraid OS webgui in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.


Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian Danish, and Japanese are currently being worked on and should hopefully be available soon!


Interested in translating Unraid?

Are you in interested in translating Unraid or do you not see your language available?

How to Access the Language Packs

Language packs are available directly in the Unraid OS webGUI. Thanks to @Squid, language packs are installed via Community Applications. Assuming you have Community Applications installed, head over to the Apps tab in the webgui. Along the left hand navigation column, there is a new Language section under CATEGORIES. Likewise, you can also search for individual languages using the Search bar within CA.

Lang Apps

Note: You must be running Unraid 6.9 and Community Applications HAS to be up to date to install languages. Versions of CA prior to 2020.05.12 will not load on this release. As of this writing, the current version of CA is 2020.06.13a. See here.

Once you've found the language you want, click the Install button.


To switch back to English, you can always click the Switch back button located in the top right of the webGui.


Multi Language Forum

Along with Multi Language Support in the Unraid webGui, there is also a new Multi-Language Section of the Unraid forum available for discussions in different languages. Some languages have moderators for technical support but we cannot guarantee this for every language at this time.


Interested in becoming an Unraid Moderator?

If you are tech savvy with Unraid and want to help others, please reach out to the Unraid Community Manager!

Note about translations:

  • Translations are believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge but the English text is always the go to reference point.

What other language(s) do you want to use Unraid in?

Let us know in the forums and we'll do our best to make it happen!