October 06, 2020 Releases, Announcement

Unraid OS 6.9.0-Beta30 is Now Available

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IMPORTANT: This is Beta software. 
We recommend running on test servers only!

Changes vs. 6.9.0-beta29 include:

Added workaround for mpt3sas

For devices not being recognized with certain LSI chipsets. We created this file:


which contains this line:

options mpt3sas max_queue_depth=10000

When the mpt3sas module is loaded at boot, that option will be specified. If you add "mpt3sas.max_queue_depth=10000" to the syslinux kernel append line, you can remove it. Likewise, if you manually load the module via a 'go' file, you can also remove it. If/when the mpt3sas maintainer fixes the core issue in the driver we'll get rid of this workaround.

Reverted libvirt to v6.5.0:

In order to restore storage device passthrough to VM's, lbvert has been reverted to v6.5.0.

Other Bug Fixes:

Re-added the ast driver (Aspeed GPU driver). For those using these on-board graphics chips, primarily Supermicro, this change should increase the speed and resolution of the local console WebGUI.

Version 6.9.0-beta30 2020-10-05 (vs -beta29)

Base distro:

  • libvirt: version 6.5.0 [revert from version 6.6.0]
  • php: version 7.4.11 (CVE-2020-7070, CVE-2020-7069)

Linux kernel:

  • version 5.8.13
  • ast: removed blacklisting from /etc/modprobe.d
  • mpt3sas: added /etc/modprobe.d/mpt3sas-workaround.conf to set "max_queue_depth=10000"


  • at: suppress session open/close syslog messages
  • emhttpd: correct 'Erase' logic for unRAID array devices
  • emhtppd: wipefs encrypted device removed from multi-device pool
  • emhttpd: yet another btrfs 'free/used' calculation method
  • webGUI: Update statuscheck
  • webGUI: Fix dockerupdate.php warnings

For the full release notes...

Please see the full forum post for additional details and info.