9 May 2019

Unraid 6.7 Stable Release Announcement

We are excited to announce the stable release of Unraid 6.7! This release includes several new features and upgrades, including:

  • New dashboard layout/icons for the Settings and Tools pages (huge thanks to Mex and Bonienl)
  • Enhanced system logging
  • Pause and Resume for Parity Operations (sync/rebuild)
    Linux kernel 4.19 (latest long-term support kernel)
    • Improvements to network throughput
      Bluetooth support for docker containers
    • Firmware update for AMD threadripper systems
  • Ignoring case in validating user share names 
  • New vfio-bind method 
  • Support for --allow-discards option to LUKS open
  • Telegram notification agent support

However, one of the biggest features we’ve added to 6.7 is sure to excite all of our Mac users out there: TimeMachine over SMB support!

Mac Backups Over SMB

For quite some time, users with Mac devices that wanted to use Apple’s native TimeMachine backup option had to relegate to doing this over the AFP protocol. While AFP definitely worked and got the job done, Apple has been working hard to add support for their backup solution to the SMB protocol. It was only recently that TimeMachine support over SMB was made available, and we wanted to waste no time getting this into a build of Unraid OS so that all of our Mac users could benefit! Users should find TimeMachine backups performing much better after this release.

For more information, check out the full announcement post!

Well? What are you waiting for?!

Get in to your Unraid webGui and update to version 6.7 today!