May 04, 2023 Relevant News, Media, Podcast

The Uncast Show with Jason from Byte My Bits


On the Uncast Show # 17, Plex Master Jason from @Bytemybits pops by to chat with @SpaceinvaderOne about AI, Plex, Emby, Unraid apps and plugins, and much more! Big thanks to Jason for spending the time with us answering user questions. It was a pleasure getting to know the man behind @Bytemybits a little more.

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⏱️ Discussion Timestamps

01:00- Hellos and Intros

02:20 - Internet Speed Discussion: Upload Throttle Limits

03:35 - What Are You Watching, Jason?

05:00 - Unraid 6.12 release announcement

06:01 - New Unraid Dashboard Talk

07:05 - How big is Jason's Media Server, Loki?

8:15 - How Jason arranges his 168TB Btrfs DVR Files with Blue Iris, scripts, and ChatGPT

10:50 - CCTV drives: are they encrypted, and are there plans to switch filesystems to ZFS with Unraid 6.12?

12:40 - ZFS in the Unraid Main Array - Compression, encryption of data sets, and ZFS Send

15:00 - Deleting Data by Mistake

16:45 - Snapshots

17:45 - Initial thoughts on ChatGPT, Bard, and AI

21:05 - Chat GPT Banned in Italy

22:40 - Could AI Steal from Businesses and Companies?

25:55 - Plex Questions: Transcoding, Bottlenecks, and how to diagnose and remove bottlenecks

29:10 - H265: Does Jason Like It?

30:55 - i5 13600k and 13900k talk

32:10 - How to optimize server power usage (watch out for old power supplies)

35:00 - Home Assistant uses and setup (Docker vs. VM)

37:45 - User Question: Has Jason ever regretted showing tech mishaps?

40:18 - Audio Question from Nathan: What is Jason's favorite Unraid app outside of Plex?

41:50 - Question from bigbigspoon: Show us your Dockers running!

45:01 - Thoughts on Emby vs. Plex

47:15 - Plex's UI, market positioning and business decisions

49:50 - Media Clients

52:23 - User Question for Ed: What is your favorite ByteMyBits video?

56:46 - Last User Question from furry67: What is the recommended server for config for VMs and Containers?

59:30 - Performance and Efficiency Cores

1:04:10 - Keeping the i9 CPU Cores cool, Delid, and Lapping CPUs discussion

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